My Vampire System
84 Agent 83
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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84 Agent 83

Inside one of the meeting rooms located in the first-year building. A meeting had been called. Currently sitting at the head of the table was Nathan and by his side was Fay, who had been in charge of the investigation of the missing two students.

As they waited, several other teachers started to enter the room. Del, who was Vorden and Quinn's homeroom teacher, Leo who was the beast weapons teacher and finally Hayley the school's doctor.

Nathan didn't want word to spread out about what had happened since the 1st year students were his responsibility. Therefore, he called his most trusted Sergeant by his side to inform them of what his plans were.

"Fay would you please inform the others of why they have been called here today," Nathan asked.

Fay then stood up with a report held in her hand.

"As you have been made aware, two of our students have gone missing and due to that, we have had to delay the first year's outing. However, if this was a simple missing persons case we would not have called you all out here today."

Fay then pressed a button on her controller and a hologram appeared revealing a certain planet and around it, there were two moons.

"The missing students seemed to have entered into a portal but not just any portal, a red portal."

The faces of the others started to drop as they heard the news.

"How or why we do not know but one of the students was Vorden Blade. An original from a powerful family. The mission is not to bring him back alive but to at least bring his body back. That way the family can say their goodbyes and it should calm down their anger."

"What about the other student?" Leo asked.

"The other student is not a priority; he goes by the name of Quinn Talen. A weak level one with no family an orphan. There is no need to worry about him."

"Do you know where the portal leads to?" Hayley asked.

"As you can see in the diagram the red portal leads to an abandoned Planet named Pioletic, it was one of the very first planets the human race had ever created a shelter on. It was safe for the most part but as the place was filled with weak beasts. However, that was until a year had passed and nightfall had come. Beasts stronger than we had ever seen before came and attacked the shelter, we had no choice but to abandon the place." Fay explained.

"This is why we have called you four," Nathan said as he stood up. "The four of you will head out through the red portal immediately. Don't worry our latest reports say that the beasts that attacked the shelter have long since moved on. The place is mostly filled with Rattaclaw scum and the odd intermediate beast here and there."

Del then slammed his fist onto the table.

"Why should we risk our lives for a couple of students who may have just jumped into the portal themselves."

"Would you like to be the one to go to the Blade family and explain to them why their son has died and gone missing. How even though we insisted on these watches, to keep track of where they are we still weren't able to keep an eye on them." Nathan said, "This is an order, not a request."


Meanwhile, Layla was still worrying over Quinn. Now that she knew he had most likely gone through a portal, her worries only started to double.

"Don't worry too much," Erin said. "If Vorden is with him, he will protect his friend. Of course, unless they went through a red portal that is.

But she was more worried that Vorden might be used as an emergency ration during the trip more than anything. Without any food or water supplies with them, Perhaps Quinn would suck him dry.

As they were walking through the hallway, they noticed that a group of students were gossiping and as they walked past, they heard Vorden's name being mentioned.

"What did you say?" Layla asked, "Would you mind repeating that?"

The girl looked slightly nervous as Layla was directly in her face.

"We were just talking about the missing students, Dumbo here has the ability of super hearing and had heard in on the meeting saying that Vorden was stuck on a Red portal planet."

After hearing those words Layla felt her blood pressure suddenly rise.

"Damn, maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it." Said Erin.

"Do you remember anything else, the name of the planet, if another student went with them?" Erin said now shaking Dumbo who was standing next to the female student.

"um Yeah they said the planets name was Pioletic, and they said something about Quinn being there as well."

Layla then got out of Dumbo's face and immediately started rushing towards her room.

"I'm sorry Erin, I've got to run somewhere. Thank's for all the help."

"I wonder what that was all about." With her two teammates stuck in another world and nothing else for Erin to now do. She decided she would continue training while she waited for them to return.

Layla had rushed off towards her dorm room as quick as she could after hearing about what planet they were on. As she entered the room, she locked the door behind her and placed a chair on the handle.

Her roommate luckily wasn't in at the moment which meant she was free to do what she had planned. She then bent down under her bed and pulled out a small little box. As she opened the box a circular black sphere shape ball was inside.

"I already checked the room for any microphones and there didn't seem to be any." said Layla, "I guess the other families really did put pressure on them not to invade privacy so much."

She then tapped the top of the sphere and a clicking sound was heard. A white ring started to light up and went around in circles for a few seconds before it finally completely lit up.

"Agent 83, what seems to be the problem?" A voice said from the ball. "Is it to do with the mission?"

"I have found someone who will be a great help to our cause, however, it appears he is stuck somewhere, would you be able to check if there are any agents on a planet named, Pioletic," Layla asked.

"Give me a few moments… I'm afraid all our agents have left that planet a while ago, is there anything else I can help you with."

"No that is it, thank you," Layla said.

"Then may I wish you luck in your mission, may Pure be with you."

"May Pure be with you," Layla replied.


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