My Vampire System
75 Not A Game
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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75 Not A Game

Now that the Scordana had spotted Quinn, he had no choice but to stand his ground and fight. In a red portal planet, there would be more dangerous and higher tier beasts than an intermediate one.

Although he could make a run for it and head outside, the commotion caused might attract even more dangerous beasts and that was the last thing he wanted.

Looking at the squashed Rattaclaw, he could tell the beast was powerful and he needed to avoid getting hit by those claws. Already using the flash step had taken a considerable amount of stamina and at most, he was able to perform it one more time during the fight.

As the scorpion creature turned, it immediately started charging forward. Hoping to scare it away and do some damage, Quinn let out two Blood swipes. This time the attack was more powerful than before. The lines looked thicker and larger as they left his hands.

The level two increase in the skill, on top of his extra stat points in strength, had really improved the attack. However, the Scorpion wasn't stupid and covered itself with its four claws blocking the attack.

As the Blood swipe made impact, the scorpion was pushed back a few steps but no damage could be seen, not even a white scratch mark on the claws.

"Damn it, the scorpion's claws are an exoskeleton!"

An exoskeleton beast meant that the beast's skeleton was on the outside, making the outer shell incredibly hard. As Quinn looked and inspected the creature even closer, he could see that every part of the beast was covered in some type of shell, apart from the upper body.

That was the beast's weak point and that's where he needed to hit.

With a plan set in his head, Quinn charged forward once again, the scorpion opened up its four claws ready to attack. The first claw came down, swiftly he was able to dodge the attack, then the next set of claws followed.

Avoiding the claws was difficult but right now Quinn was in full concentration mode, as the fourth claw came out to attack him, the beast's body was now wide open.

Then as Quinn readied his hand to cast his blood swipe skill, he felt a sharp pain in his back. As he looked up, he could see something connected to his body and when he followed it, it went behind the beast.

"A tail, that wasn't there before?"

The beast then lifted Quinn with the tail and chucked him hard up against the wall. As he fell to the ground his HP had taken a huge hit.

\u003c 13/45 HP \u003e

As Quinn looked into his stomach, he could see a large puncture had been created and blood was quickly flowing out of his body.

\u003c Critical hit \u003e

\u003c 12/45 HP \u003e

\u003c 11/45 HP \u003e

\u003c 10/45 HP \u003e

As the blood continued to leak out of Quinn's body so did his HP. In order to stop his HP from continuing to drop he had no choice.

\u003c Blood bank \u003e

\u003c 10 millitiers have been used \u003e

\u003c 40 milliters remaining \u003e

\u003c 15/45 HP \u003e

As he absorbed the blood, the puncture in his stomach slowly started to heal but it wasn't going to be enough, he needed more blood and with the Scordana charging towards him he needed it fast.

"Just use it all!"

\u003c Blood bank empty \u003e

\u003c 35/45 HP \u003e

With his health nearly full, his wounds had healed up almost instantly and Quinn was able to move once again. Looking at the scorpion he noticed the tail truly wasn't there.

"Is it able to take it into his body and out at will, this is going to be a pain."

If it wasn't for all the level's up he had received while in the container, he would have already been a dead man and with no more Blood bank, Quinn was unable to take another blow.

There were no more second chances.

Hoping to stop it's charge forward, he threw blood swipe after blood swipe. The beast held up all four of its claws and crossed it against its body, protecting it at all times.

But the beast was powerful and continued to push through despite the blood claw's coming towards it. It got closer and closer but Quinn never stopped using his blood swipes.

\u003c 30/45 HP \u003e

\u003c 28/45 HP \u003e


A battle of strength was being displayed between the two. The red swipes were powerful and started to knock the beast back and eventually, even the claw's started to crack but neither of them gave up.

\u003c 13/45 HP \u003e

But Quinn couldn't keep it up, if he carried on using the blood swipes then he soon would completely run out of HP, he had no choice but to change his plan.

When the beast was close enough, finally the tail was revealed from above. While its claws covered and blocked its body from the swipes, its plan was to attack from above with its long large tail.

As it fired its tail downward, just before the tail could pierce Quinn again.

"Flash step!"

Suddenly, Quinn was no longer in front of the scorpion and now was directly behind it. He gathered all his strength from the bottom of his body. It rose up into his fist and as he slammed down his foot, at the same time he pulled back his hand and released all the power he had into his attack.

"Hammer strike!"

As soon as the blow had hit the beast's soft human upper body, a large hole was created, it was around the size of a human head and a chunk had been taken out allowing him to see completely through the beast to the other side.

Then a few moments later, the beast had collapsed to the ground and so had Quinn, completely exhausted. As he lifted his hands his gauntlets had completely shattered. They were too damaged from the Rattaclaw's bite from before and it was unable to take the impact of his Hammer strike.

The gauntlets no longer gave Quinn the extra attack power it did before but it was hard for him to be upset for long for a number of messages had appeared.

\u003c Scordana has been killed 1000 exp \u003e

\u003c first intermediate beast kill 5000 exp \u003e

\u003c first Scordana killed 2000 exp \u003e

\u003c 8250/12800 \u003e

Although Now that Quinn was a higher level, it took a considerable amount of Exp to level up once more. Right now he had a serious problem, his health was incredibly low.

13/45 HP and with his blood bank empty there was no way for him to heal it back to normal.

Then a thought had come to his mind, if his system was like a game, if he levelled up would his health heal back up?

As he looked around the room, he noticed the three egg's still there in the metal pile heap. After waiting a few moments for his stamina to rise back up, he walked up to the dead Scrodana's body.

He had no hard feelings tearing the beast's body apart as he looked for the beast crystal inside. Before the old Quinn might have shown compassion and been respectful but the fight he just had, was showing him that even on other planets, the strong ruled.

Before even when he got bullied at school it was never like this, of course, the strong ruled at school and he couldn't do anything about it but he never came close to dying. He just took several beatings but for the first time, he truly felt like he was close to death.

Finally, after tearing and rummaging through several limbs the beast crystal was obtained and stored in his system once again.

Now Quinn looked at the eggs in the room, as he went forward, he lifted one of the eggs. They were large and about the same size as football. He took a few steps back before lifting it into the air and slamming it into the ground.

Black blood had been splattered all across the floor and a little half-grown scorpion could be seen inside.

\u003c Scordana Egg killed 1000 exp \u003e

\u003c first Scordana egg kill 2000 exp \u003e

\u003c 11250/12800 exp \u003e

To Quinn's surprise, the system had counted the egg as a new beast kill so he also received the bonus points for that too.

He then went over to the over two eggs and threw them both to the ground similar to the first one.

\u003c Scordana egg killed 1000 exp \u003e

\u003c Scordana egg killed 1000 exp \u003e

\u003c 13250/12800 exp \u003e

\u003c Congratulations you are now level 9 \u003e

\u003c 13/50 HP\u003e

As Quinn looked at the information displayed, for the first time he was unpleased with a level up. The system hadn't given his health back like he thought it might have done. Although his HP had increased nothing else had changed.

It made him realise that although his system was like a game, it wasn't. This was real life and the next message made him realise that even more.

\u003cYour hunger grows\u003e

\u003cYou can no longer suppress your need for blood\u003e

\u003cYour HP will decrease by -1HP every hour until you have consumed Human blood\u003e


We hit 6000 stones last week! Congrats in unlocking the mass release. New goal for mass release next weekend.

5800 stones = 2 extra Chapters

6000 Stones = 4 extra chapters


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