My Vampire System
73 Skillbook grinding
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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73 Skillbook grinding

After levelling up Quinn immediately put his stat point into strength, and now without his gauntlets, his strength was at 15 meaning he would be able to perform the Hammer strike skill with or without the gauntlets.

As Quinn looked around the room there were still several books he hadn't even touched yet, the place really was a gold mine for him.

As he went onto the next set of shelves, with it came a new set of books. He placed his hand on the first one and it was the first Level three ability book he had come across.

\u003c Level 3 Earth ability book \u003e

\u003cUnable to learn, would you like to convert into 1000 Exp? \u003e

Quinn placed the book down and picked the book up making sure he had heard the system right, but once again the numbers he had received where correct. The level three ability book was offering him 1000 experience points.

Without hesitating, he had decided to absorb the book right away.

\u003c 1050/3200 points \u003e

Quinn then picked up the skill book right next to him and as he though it too had offered him 500 exp points. So far it seemed like a skill book would offer half the amount of points that an ability book had to offer.

He once again went on rampage grabbing every book he could on the shelf, absorbing those that he couldn't and tossing the others on the ground. Although he would have loved to take the books with him as they would have sold for a healthy price.

The books so far were unable to go into his storage like the crystals and carrying them would just be more trouble than it was worth. After going through all the books Quinn was able to level up a total of two more times.

\u003c Level 8 \u003e

\u003c 45/45 HP \u003e

No new skills were unlocked but Quinn still obtained the regular stat points for every level up. Now that his strength and agility were at level fifteen, he decided he should finally increase his stamina points.

If there was a fight that needed him to preform flash step and hammer strike multiple times, he would definitely be in trouble. After putting the two points into stamina his stats were now looking a lot more even.

\u003c Strength 15 (2)\u003e

\u003c Agility 15 \u003e

\u003c Stamina 14 \u003e

\u003c 510/12800 exp\u003e

Although the Exp needed now was getting further and further away. Which made Quinn think if there was even a cap to his levelling, or would the exp amount increase so much so, that it was no longer possible to achieve.

Quinn had now nearly touched every single book that was in the storage room. Unfortunately, the highest ability Quinn was able to find so far was a level three ability book. The further he went into the container the higher the levels but for the last few shelves, it didn't seem to be the case.

It seemed like they were just duplicates of the other level three ability books. As Quinn picked up one book the system message didn't go off. It was because it was a level 3 earth ability book that he had already absorbed.

"Hey, maybe Peter could use this?" Quinn thought.

It was only one book, Quinn was sure he would be able to carry it safely with him. But as soon as he thought about Peter, a memory entered his mind and it wasn't a good one.

Peter was the whole reason why he was in this place, and he still didn't know how long he was going to be here or if he would even be able to survive. To be honest, Quinn was just trying to make the best out of a bad situation at the moment.

As he thought about Peter anger started to enter his mind and body and he ripped the book up. He was willing to hear Peter out if he ever got out of here alive but Quinn would no longer help him.

If someone like that betrayed you once, for whatever reason, it only meant there was the chance that the same thing could happen again.

Then as Quinn looked around the container, he noticed there was one shelf at the very back of the room where he hadn't been yet. He didn't bother going over there yet because it looked empty from a distance, but as he got closer, he noticed there was a single book that had been placed on there.

As he touched the book on the shelf, a new message appeared.

\u003c Level 6 ability book Shadow element \u003e

After seeing the first message appear Quinn couldn't wait to see how much experience points a level 6 ability book would give. Perhaps it would finally shoot him up to level ten and he would unlock the use of the shop in his system.

But then something unexpected had happened.

\u003c Ability is compatible with system \u003e

\u003c Would you like to learn? \u003e

Out of shock Quinn dropped the book back onto the shelf and took a step back.

Out of all the books in the room, it was the first time he had ever received a message of this kind. He wasn't even sure it was possible but the system was clearly telling him he could learn the ability.

Then Quinn started to think back to the name of the ability "Shadow element." It was something he had never even heard of before and Quinn was quite knowledgeable about the abilities of the world.

He then picked up the book once more just to make sure and the same message had appeared. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided he would try to place the book in his storage. It hadn't worked with the other books previously but he thought it might work with this one.

And to his surprise, it worked. The ability book was safely put into his system storage with his beast crystals.

Before learning the ability, Quinn wanted to make sure he could find out more about it first. Maybe then he could find out why it was compatible with his vampire system and if so, maybe they were other abilities that would be compatible as well.

If that was the case, Quinn didn't want to rush into things. Usually, a human being was only able to use one ability for their whole lives and it could be the same for him.

As he continued to level up and get stronger, he thought about it more and more.

His system wasn't an ability, the book that was gifted to him by his father wasn't an ability book but it had completely changed him. He was no longer Human but something else altogether and it was why his abilities had worked inside the game and why he had received the option to learn another ability.

This was the only conclusion he could come to.

After storing the book away, he decided to close the door to the container unit and remain inside. It was safe here and he was starting to feel tired, at least he knew the container was strong enough to protect him from whatever beast remained outside.

He lied on the floor and in an instant closed his eyes.


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