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My Irrevocable Decision
Author :jaqlin
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8 Eigh

Was woken up by my alarm. I didn't have the strength to jog that morning and I had cried my self to sleep quite late. I went about cleaning the house, I thought of not doing it at first but don't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt me. After my chores I got ready for work and left for work.

On the bus I sat close to this man who definitely needs some deodorant. You may wonder why I didn't change seats, well it was the only seat remaining, probably because of the stench of him. If only I had a car.

I was absolutely glad when we got to my stop and highlighted. Today is going to be hectic. What with the change in contract, I have to put in more efforts and do more unlike before when all I had to do was proof read documents, schedule meetings and take calls, now I have to file document ,run errands, meet some clients on behalf of the boss and much more. Yes today will definitely try my brain.

Anyway I can get some things done before the boss arrives. I login to the system and look through the activities of today. I had just finished that when the boss walked in.

"good morning Sir" I greeted as he walked in but no reply, instead he walked by towards his office. After a while, there was an annoying beep

"come in" so rude

I walk into his office and he hands me a file.

"go through that file, I want you to go over there, get a feel of it and report back to me"


seeing my confused expression, he explains further

"that's part of our shipping company. The office is meant to receive clients as well as handle directories. Recently there hasn't been much activity going on there compared to the others. Also there was an anonymous complaint on them. I want to know what's going on down there. Report straight to me" he then slid a paper to me. it had the address of the office on it.

"Miss Martin?"

"Yes sir?"

"do not be late, you still have work to be done"

Zarlton Corp. has probably one of the best shipping business in the world, what with its large clientele and success rate. Having so many branches across the country and in some major cities that attend to the direct needs of the public in terms of shipping. This office are supposed to have a calm effect on clients knowing they can always go lay some complaints and it will be handled with immediate effect. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for this offices and in other for this to work there has to be a high level of trust between Zarlton Corp and clients.

What I see and is presently experiencing cannot build even an atom of trust. Upon getting here I decided that the best way to find out what's going on is to become the complainant and let me tell you I have been here for almost an hour yet no one has attended to me.

Zarlton Corp prides itself with its appearance and the customer's comfort. Anything that can make a client stay relaxed while their case is being handled. Since I arrived I have noticed quite a few things, the reception is very poor unlike when I first I arrived at the main office and was received well, here the receptionist didn't even bother looking up when I approached, even when I laid a complaints about my goods and being unable to track them, she just said to sit down some one will attend to me, she was still busy staring at something on her table, I'm guessing it's not work. I went over to sit down with a few others. They didn't look happy nor satisfied, for one the water dispenser had no water, it looked like it hadn't been changed it weeks, and a customer has been complaining of thirst. Apparently he has been here for an hour and, with no result.

About 20 minutes later a man comes to the front desk and starts flirting with the lady. She's suddenly all smiles, so I approach them

"excuse me" I had to repeats myself because I am obviously being ignored. I tap the man, which he doesn't appreciate because there is a nasty look on his face

"may I help you ma'am" he sneered

"yes you may" now I'm not smiling anymore

"I have been here for a while now, yet no one has come to attend to me. I need to speak to the manager." There was a sudden glint in his eyes. He looks at me from head to toe and smiles.

" I am the manager, and I think I can definitely be of help to you. Why don't we go to my office" I'm definitely going no where with this man. I am really irritated right now

I turn to the lady "where is the rest room?" She points to her left. I walked into the convenience and let me tell you no customer would want to use this facility. it looks like it hasn't seen cleaning agents in ages. This is terrible.

They have wasted my time enough here, so I leave. I don't need to be a magician to know what's going on here, not after such an experience. This is definitely a high case of miss management.

On getting to the office I relay my findings to the boss. And I tell you someone is about to get fired. Probably not my plan this early but they deserve it. Those people are not fit to run a business. And I didn't even get to meet other workers. What a farce.

"very well, you may go back to work. I need you to schedule a dinner reservation for me at a nice restaurant. it's a dinner for two. Also cancel my other appointments. I'll be leaving early."

"Okay Sir"

Someone's going to have fun tonight. I smile.


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