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My Irrevocable Decision
Author :jaqlin
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7 Seven

After dealing with those scumbags I turn to my sub secretary "pack up this files and come with me" I said, walking towards the door, before realizing there was no movement

I turn, to see my secretary lost in thought. I could have stood there admiring her but we have an unfinished business and going by the time its almost closing hours.

"Miss Martins?" I called out startling her. she packed everything up and followed me to my office

I walked around my desk and sat down. I Noticed she was still standing and looking round the office in fascination. I know because I chose everything, from the dark walnut book shelve on the far right to the leather sofa with a fur rug draped over the back beside it and facing the great view of the city. On the wall behind my large C- shaped mahogany desk is a framed landscape painting, which is probably the less intimidating thing in the office curtsey of my mother. Directly in front of me and behind ms Martins is an antique clock. Also on that wall is a door leading to the restroom

I stare at the lady in front of me. Her beauty is striking. I have a familiar feeling like we have met before, but I can't be sure. I couldn't possibly forget such a beauty. With my head tilted to the right and like a light bulb I remember.

The pathway, some weeks back. I had gone running that morning to clear my head from certain family troubles and on my way back I saw her sitting on my bench. I commissioned that bench for such purposes as resting after jogging a long distance and you don't feel like going home. That's what I would have done that day.

At first I was irritated by the person sitting there but on closer look I became speechless. Seeing her that day was a result of many cold showers that week. I wanted to take her right then but decided to let it go. But now she has literally been dropped on my lap. What to do?

I am still in need of an Assistant/Secretary. This made my face stretch into a smile. Why take cold showers when the solution to my plight is reachable


Did he just smile? why is he smiling at me. I look behind me but its just a wall and I'm the only human here with him. Very weird. And not to forget hot. I had turned back to compliment him on his office when I saw him leaning against his sit with that look. If I thought he was handsome before, now with the transformation caused by this smile. he looks out of this world. Quite sure he could drop a lot of panties with just this smile.

"sit" he commanded with a serious look. Bipolar!

I do as he says and he continues after opening a file I later realize is mine.

"according to your file, you are 21 years of age, correct?"

"yes sir"

"I understand that you are also working as an intern in this company" why all this questions, I clinch my hands together so I don't fall apart

"and you have also been handling the duties of my secretary" he states but due to my nerves, I answer

"that's correct sir"

"Miss Martins. I have an offer for you" "hmmm?" very unprofessional

"I want you to work as my Assistant for 2years, afterwards if you so choose you can work in any department of your choice."

"what? but how do I learn"

"ms Martin as my Assistant, you'll basically have knowledge of how this entire company works" he allows me to digest that while waiting for my answer. And of course it's a yes

"I accept sir"

"very well, we'll change the terms of your contract. You must note that as my assistant you'll be required to travel with me on business deals. And sometimes work late"

Uh oh! How do I get the house chores done like this

"isn't there a way around the late hours Sir?"

"No, why?" I can't tell him about home so I make up a plausible excuse

"I live 30mins away Sir. I have to catch the bus early or risk going home really late" he thought for a while

"you'll have a driver drop you on those days"


"anything else?"

"None sir."

"you may leave. Don't forget to report directly to my office tomorrow"

"yes sir"

I have to tell Tom and Julia

During dinner that night Tom asked me how my thesis was coming up and I was stuck between saying the truth and lying. I didn't want to lie and be caught in a web but the truth right now is not a good idea.

"may I speak to you after dinner" I asked Tom. He looked at me then Julia


"its nothing important. I just want to have a discussion with you is all."

"if it's nothing then speak" this came from Julia. I glanced at Tom trying to communicate with him but to no avail

"I got a job"

"what?" he asked

"I said I got a job. I submitted my thesis some weeks back. It got approved, so basically I'm done with school. Sent out some job applications to companies some weeks back."


"Got accepted as an intern in one" for some reason I don't want to divulge the company

"I see" Tom said and Julia looked at him

"you see? is that's all you're going to say to her?"

"what do you want me to say" he shrugs

"how about the fact she stopped school and didn't tell us"

"I didn't stop school, I graduated ahead of my peers" she gave me a look that shut me up

"she's an adult. She can make her decisions" it's the first time Tom is making sense to me.

This got Julia more pissed, she got up from the dinning table and walked out. Tom knows he's in trouble so he follows her while Mia is giving me the stink eye. We could hear their voices from his office.

"that girl shouldn't be making such decisions in this house" Julia shouts

"she's grown"

"if she's grown then she shouldn't be living in this house then"

"what do you want me to do"

"get her to quit that job"

"I can't do that"

"its either that or I leave"

At this, Mia's joy couldn't be emphasized. They are not serious. I rather leave. When they reentered the room I knew my wimp of a father was going to do as Julia commanded.

"save it. we heard it all" I tell him

"don't be rude young lady"

"rude?" I laugh. I've had it with this people.

"give me until the end of the month to move out, please"

They were surprised I said this. I'm sure they thought I would beg and then cry some, but the thing is I'm done being weak. I get up and leave the room.

Only then did the tears fall


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