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My Irrevocable Decision
Author :jaqlin
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It has almost been a month since I started working at Zarlton Corp. At first it was difficult to juggle between my Internship and being the boss's indirect secretary, as my attention is required almost all the time. But I found a way. Most of my free time I cut down to assess documents sent to my desk. I work ahead of schedule in other to meet up with my other obligations.

But, I must confess it hasn't been easy, especially at home. I am yet to tell them about my job. I may not be hiding it per se but it's more difficult to work without their knowledge as they are becoming suspicious.

For one my attire has changed, it is more formal than required for school. And I'm sure Julia must have sent Mia to watch out for me at school. Though our circles are different if she wanted to locate me in school, she could.

The other day Mia sauntered up to my room after dinner to dig for information

"where have you been going to during school hours Varjana"

"I don't understand"

"what don't you understand? you haven't been attending school for days now"

"and you know this because?"

"I haven't seen you"

"Mia, we don't move in the same circle. We rarely ever see each other unless you want to be a pain in my ass." Her eyes flashed red when I called her a pain in my ass

"moreover, since when did you start monitoring my movements?" I inquired

She must have realized she was in danger of being found out because she shrugged and walked out of my room, slamming the door shut.

"Phew" i released a breath of relief. That was a close one

I resolved to tell them soon. But I need to get paid first. That way if it all goes south, I know where I stand. My plan right now is to remain in that house for the period I was meant to be in school for, which is like six months. After which I must have saved enough to rent a house and stand on my feet.

After applying a little make up, I put on my heels and go downstairs for the second time that morning. My duties at work don't start until I have finished those at home and left the house.

So I still wake up pretty early, more so this period to cleanup and prepare breakfast which I wrap up and keep in the microwave with a note taped to the refrigerator about it.

All this I do as fast as I can to be able to catch the early morning bus close to home which is by 6am, its a 30mins drive due to a little traffic and stops here and there but I still get to work 30mins before time. Get settled and start working on the files there.

By the time others are coming in, I must have done a lot of proof reading and scheduling for the day. If I miss the bus by that 6am I'll have to wait for an hour to get the next one and by that time i would be very late to work.

I arrive at work and as usual I am almost the only one here by this time. I greet the security men on duty today while signing in. In my office I log into my system which is heavily protected for good reasons.

While going through files, a message pops up on my screen. It says its from the main boss, I click on it. it was a short and precise information


This is to inform you that you are expected to be present today as my substitute assistant during the closure of the Lawson deal. Be sure to be ready and available by 2pm today.




I didn't bargain for this at all. its one thing to work for the boss through a subchannel, its another to do so physically. With what I heard he disposes of secretaries easily, and I only got this job. I can't afford to loose it. This could ruin all my plans. What do I do now!


Due to how important this deal is, I have been coming to the office really early for weeks now, today included. Nothing will mess this up.

I have wanted this company for ages but they were too arrogant to sell. They should have known better. Not long after, they mysteriously went into debt, and suddenly started vying for the attention of the highest bidders.

I knew the risk but I took the gamble and it paid off. After all what I want I get. This pedestal wouldn't be mine if I didn't partake in my fair share of risk.

I will need an assistant to be present who will take down the minutes of this meeting when sealing this deal.

Although the company has been unable to get me a replacement male secretary for Ms Blakely, HR got one of the workers with Managerial skill to stand in until they find a secretary who wouldn't try to seduce me.

At first I doubted this would work but this lady seems to be doing well at least over an email. Might as well put her to good use.

So I open up the communication channel and send her an Email.


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