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My Irrevocable Decision
Author :jaqlin
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3 Three

Whomever is making that terrible noise had better start running before I open my eyes. I mean don't they know it's too early and people are still trying to catch some shut-eye. Finally the noise stops.

"mmm... more sleep" I rearrange my pillow to make it more fluffy. Just as I laid down my head, the stupid sound starts again.

This person is very rude. "Fine. I'm up, now what do you want". When I hear nothing, I open my eyes and look round my room. I immediately realize the one responsible for the nuisance is actually my alarm clock and since I was the one who set the alarm this early, I am indirectly the cause of all the noise. Ugh!!! I drag my hair. I wish I could sleep more but I'm already up. Plus I have plans to clear my head before the rest got up.

I grudgingly get up, grab my necessities and step into the bathroom, thank heavens for private bathroom I can sleep in here if I want. But I knew I had to step out so I rush through my bath, put on my outfit which is a sports wear, attached my phone and my earpiece to my arm and head out.

The weather is quite cool, but not in an unbearable way. I do a few stretches to avoid stories. Anyway today I have decided to take a different route. Most times I just run through our neighborhood, but today I think I'm going to head out in a different direction, just have a little bit of change and also try to extend my normal distance. it's going to be a challenge for me. Quite excited actually.

This is me, I spontaneously set up challenges for my self and train my mind to accept them. My belief is that our mind is as vast and active as we allow it.

There is just something about early mornings, the serenity, the lack of humans and pollution that comes with our daily lives, all that, is lacking at the moment and I enjoy it.

While running I notice that I have reached a different part of the area. This is for the upper echelons of the society. I haven't been to this part as I had no business with it, of course the estate is still ahead and cannot be accessed by just anyone.

Where I am is quite lovely though, I see a few people to my left doing stretches, would probably join them but I have a feeling they won't like that, so I opt to sit on one of the benches I see on the pathway.

I feel absolutely free at the moment. This is what I am fighting for. This lack of a burden, free from the toxicity the people in my life bring with them.

I also think about my job and intern applications that I have already sent out. No time to waste. All I have to do now is submit the regenerated copy of my thesis Mia tore. And then hope for the best. I hope I get called for interviews.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I feel goosebumps all over my flesh. I had this feeling of being watched. So I open my eyes and look round, everything is still the same, a few persons here and there but they are minding their business as they are quite far from where I'm seated with the exception of a man that just ran past me. I shivered.

For some reason I'm still transfixed on his form albeit his back but I can't seem to look away. Such a body can only be sculpted in ancient Greece. Even while jogging, he exudes confidence with a height to match. Damn!!! he had better have the face to match that body, I regret not seeing his face for myself.

The jarring of my phone spurs me back to my senses. I gotta go home like right now if I am to meet up with my professor. With that I get up and start running back to the house

Was out of breath when I got home. I let myself in, I also noticed that no one has come down yet so I start cleaning the house. By the time they started waking up I was done cleaning and had even made breakfast, which consisted of some pancakes for Mia and I, toasted breads for Tom and Julia.

I see Tom coming down the stairs. He's usually the first amongst them to come down. I say good morning and go on my way. I freshen up and I'm out of the door again before you say Jack Robinson.

At the university I walk towards my supervising professors office. Good thing he is less busy right now. Time to seal this.

"Good day Professor" I greeted Mr. Marlowe on entering the office

"hello Arjana. How are you doing today?"

"I'm very well Sir and you"

"great. so do you have your Thesis today?"

"yes Sir I do. Here it is" I bring it out of my bag and hand it over to him

"I'm sure you have done your best here, right?"

"absolutely Sir"

He puts on his glasses and picks up my thesis.

"good, good" he said while flipping through my work

I picked up my bag to leave, when I hear him call to me.

"That reminds me, Arjana?"

"sir" I reply

"the university was offered a rare opportunity, to send in some of its best in this department, to take up some positions in a renowned company, Zarlton Corp, I believe you know it?"

I was stunned for like a minute before replying

"of course Sir. It's only one of the biggest megacorporations in the world. I believe I know it Sir"

"good, because I sent your name amongst them."

What? am I hearing well right now. I need someone to help me hear right.

"My... thank you very much Sir. I'm grateful Sir" My eyes were so huge and there was just so much energy causing throughout my body that I felt like jumping on my professor

"don't thank me child, they requested for the best and the best I gave . You are expected to report for an interview on the 26th of June"

"that's next week Monday Sir" I exclaimed, oh my! little time to prepare

"correct so I suggest you get going" he dismissed

"of course sir. Right away Sir"

"oh and Arjana?"

I turned to him still stunned

"I know you'll get the job. Good luck"

"Thank you once again Sir"

I step out of the door and couldn't resist doing a fist pump in the air, I wanted to scream so bad. Yes, I'm so overjoyed right now.

Ha!!! someone is definitely looking out for me up there. I couldn't stop smiling. Quite sure I look like a fool right now with such a big smile on my face while walking down the school hall but I don't care. Gotta express my joy somehow y'all.

A thought goes through my mind, "can I tell my family about this?" No. I resolve to keep this to myself for now. Just in case. Will let know when the time is right.

Now what to wear.


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