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My Irrevocable Decision
Author :jaqlin
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2 Two

I stepped into the sitting room just as my parents walk into the door Mia closely behind them holding some bags, most likely groceries.

"welcome" I said to them

"how are you Arjana" my father asked before leaving to freshen up. Was about replying, when I heard Julia.

"There you are Arjana. What took you so long to get here you lazy child" Julia calls out to me like I wasted so much time getting here and she didn't just get back a few minutes ago.

"yea, what took you long Varjana?" Mia says to me with a smug look. Knowing what she did today got me pissed and that calling me Varjana will only aggravate me, and I can't do anything about it, she smirked at me.

Calling me Varjana has always been her way of degrading me. She started calling me Varjana back in high school. it was one of the most humiliating day of my life. I had a crush on this boy when we were juniors and he a senior.

its often rare for seniors to pay attention to seniors in school. So imagine my joy and surprise when he walked towards me and asked me to be his date to prom. I was really happy and was about saying yes when Mia comes from my back

"mmm what do we have here. Is someone asking Varjana to prom?"

I saw the senior trying to hide his snicker "what did you call her?" he asked Mia

"Varjana" she repeated and he bursted out laughing.

In that moment I realized that there were a lot of people around us as the hall way was filled with laughter. She walked up to him and they started kissing. She planned my humiliation perfectly.

I shook my head to stop the tears I knew was coming. she can't see me cry, I told myself. I won't cry and with that I pushed past everyone and ran to class. From that day I became Varjana to a lot of students in school.

Unlike that day, today I smirked back at her. I saw shock and suspicion run through her face before she could school it. Wait until you see what I have dished out for you Mia. I laughed within me.

"Take those bags from your sister and put the provisions where they belong. As for the groceries we'll be having Pasta and Chicken sauce for dinner so hurry up and start cooking your father needs to eat"

I walked up to Mia to collect the bags instead of handing it over she dropped the groceries making them fall out. I stood there looking at her, what a child. But, I am still in a happy mood so I'll just pick them up.

"what are you standing there looking at her for. Pick those things and get go..." she suddenly stopped speaking, I looked at her and saw her face scrunched up

"what is that smell, can you perceive that?" she looked at us. I looked down and continued picking the stuffs, so they won't see the smile on my face. "I think I know what you are smelling ma'am" I said to myself

"what smell. I can't perceive anything" Mia said. she turned to me, she must have seen the smile I was trying to hide because she suddenly panicked and I think it must have clicked

"smoke" she exclaimed and takes off to the back door

That's my cue. I got up with the groceries and was about leaving when Julia stopped me

"what did you do" she asked me. I remained silent and just continued staring at her

"Mom, mom" we heard Mia shouting on her way back with tears rolling down her face

"what is it baby"

"she burnt them all, she burnt them" she wailed.

ouch my ear drums, could this girl be anymore dramatic. They are just clothes that can be replaced. One might think i killed her boyfriend or something. Although that wouldn't be a bad idea, the boy is a goat. As daft as they come. i definitely will be doing mankind a favor.

"burnt what Mia" she kept looking at me as she asked Mia. uh oh I know that tone

"my clothes mom. they are all ashes now" she cried.

Not quite true, I think there should still be visible lumps and then ashes. I rolled my eyes. Maybe I should not have done that or I could have seen the slap coming instead I felt like my neck just got twisted from the force of the slap Julia gave to me.

"why did you burn her things?" she didn't allow me reply before firing another question

" do you have any idea how much those things cost your father and I" I think she meant, how much they cost Tom.

Although Julia worked at the bank and got paid quite well, she never spends a shilling of her money on anything she can get from Tom

"does she have any idea how much of my efforts she wasted? I put all my efforts into that paper and she tears it up like it was trash" I replied while holding my face

There goes another slap. I am sure my face will be swollen red after this

"who asked you for an explanation" she asked

I could see spittle flying out of her mouth. Maybe I should tell her, nah she'll probably bury me alive, so I keep mum.

"you will go into that kitchen and prepare that meal, and better be quick about it" I look at her, is that all she has to say, wow what a surprise. I grab the groceries and turn to leave giving a fleeting look to an obviously satisfied Mia who had stopped crying at the onslaught of the slap

"oh Arjana?" she called out

"yes ma'am"

"make sure not to touch any of the meal when you are done"

Yep I spoke too soon. she's still a witch. No surprise there, it's not the first time she's using it as a punishment. I'm actually surprised I haven't been diagnosed of an ulcer yet.

"Tom" I heard her scream, probably on her way to report me

"This is delicious Arjana" my father says while battling with the chicken on his plate. I looked from where I was adding an extra serving of sauce to Julia's plate and replied him with a shake of my head. I'm too hungry to be speaking right now

"why aren't you eating, come help yourself to some" so much hope

"No she'll have some later, she still has a lot to do" Julia said

That's a lie

"dad I need some money" this came from Mia, the extravagant little chit

"Mia, I gave you some two days ago, what did you do with it"

"I need money to replace my clothes Arjana burnt" she told him with her lips quivering like she's about breaking down

"what?" huh so the witch didn't tell him upstairs

Tom turned to me then said "go wait for me in my office"

Humph. what now

"why did you burn your sister's clothes" Tom questioned me on entering his office

"she tore my thesis. she knew how important it was and she tore it on purpose." Tom has always been proud of my grades but of course his precious wife and kid matter first

"so you burn her clothes? she is your younger sister and you're supposed to tolerate her" he fires at me

"she may be my younger sister but she is also nineteen, in college and can tell the difference between right and wrong. she is no longer a child." I replied fiercely.

By now we were shouting and I'm quite sure those two witches are standing right outside that door eavesdropping

"I am going to cut down your allowance, it will be used to replace what you have destroyed. You are dismissed" I was so mad at this man who calls himself my father

" you should caution her but here you are preaching to me about tolerance. I wish mother were alive, I would never have stepped a foot into this hellhole"

"what did you say young lady?"

"you heard me"

And with that I match out of the office, almost colliding with the two witches. Without waiting to hear what they have to say I run upstairs.

I bring out my system, thank God for backup. No matter what they do I am leaving this place according to my plan and they can't stop me


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