My Bahaghari Life
6 Tournament is here!
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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6 Tournament is here!

Hearing more about Celestial Peak, Rex began to contemplate about it. The grievous sins that their ancestors made. The peace that blossomed out of all the chaos.

Ed and Belladonia looked at each others' eyes, communicating without words. Ed coughed lightly to get his son's attention. "Son, mind telling us what you're up to?" he said.

Awoken from his stupor, Rex jumbled his thoughts and spoke up with, "I want to go on a journey, Father." as he chuckles lightly and faced his mother. "Don't worry mother, I wasn't thinking of becoming a Guardian. The peak just got my curiosity."

Belladonia smiled sweetly hearing her son's answer. Even though she was just joking at first and fully supported what her son would choose to do, she still nodded and replied. "Then win the tournament not for me but for yourself."


After Greg finished his version of history, Belle sat there scratching her head. The bloody past the mountain has. Its miracles despite being terrifying to no end.

The Wyvern family turned to look at Belle's reaction, waiting for their father's statement. Greg sighed to his knees and lifted his head up. "My child, what is it that you want to do?" he said.

Belle stopped scratching, put her hands on her lap and thought very hard "Father, I want to visit the peak." as she smiles wryly and faced her family. "I will come back after, I just want to... I just..." she struggled to think of a reason.

Greg sighed one more time and said to his youngest. "Okay. It's okay. But you'll need to prepare for the tournament first. If you still want to go by then, your elder brothers will accompany you." He smiled sweetly to approve of her decision.


A week later, a festive occasion can be seen through-out the City of Wrath. This day of the year is packed with fascinating things to see and do. Lines of red triangular cut ups are hanged all over the streets.

The tournament is going to be held inside the big red Coliseum in the north part of the city. Pre-built stores are on the sides along the way. Stores ready to be opened and serve customers were all over the place.

The night before the annual tournament, whooshes of fists hitting the air and a sword thudding at something hard could be heard from one of the Red Palace's training rooms. Buns was sweating all over his body. He was using his sword to help himself from dropping to the ground. Lia was barely able to stand up. She was also breathing heavily trying to adjust herself.

Rex hasn't broken any sweat yet as he smiled at his younger siblings. "One more?" he nonchalantly asks and smiled as he stared at his siblings' blushing foreheads.

Buns replied with a grin. He looked at his twin sister and they nodded to each other. Lia charged at Rex with her full force covering her arms with dark helixes. Buns was behind her, lighting up his sword's blade. The twins both shouted together, "AHHHHH!".

Lia reached Rex at an incredible speed and went for his side. She punched expecting to hit him, but all she hit was air as Rex slanted his body slightly to the left. A blood-colored light appeared on his index finger's tip as he gestured for a flick on Lia's forehead. Lia sucked a lot of cold air as she feared to be hit for the tenth time. And always at the same spot which made it sore for more than an hour of sparring.

As Buns saw his twin sister about to get it again, knowing how it hurts too because they were both flicked at equal intervals. He sped up his charge and slashed at his brother's extending arm. Rex halted his flick and instead covered his entire palm of the blood-colored light. "At this rate, you'll cut Lia's whole right arm off. Tsk." he clicked his tongue at his younger brother's actions.

Lia fixed her posture to jumped back. Buns sword was stopped by his brother's palm. Rex shoved the sword in Lia's direction, Buns caught sight of this and held his sword tight resulting to, him bumping to his sister who was about to escape. They both dropped to the floor.

Rex approached his siblings with both his fingertips glowing. Buns held Lia's right hand with his left hand. The twins closed their eyes and waited for the final flick. But it didn't come as Rex patted their heads and giggling.

"You'll reach the top 5 in my opinion. Buns, you'll need to think more of how you swing your sword and the consequences of when you hit someone. Lia, gracious steps as ever as elegant as mother. But your fist takes too much time to reach me, so instead of using only your right arm how about covering both your arms and..."

A maid barged in the middle of Rex's lecture. "Young lords. Young lady. The king and queen asked for your presence at the main dining room."

Buns' stomach growled. "Excuse me. Hehe" Lia laughed at her twin brother's perfect timing. Rex continued "...and practice punching with them simultaneously." He turned to the maid and said. "Help them get cleaned up and ready for dinner." The maid nodded, "Yes young lord."


In the streets of City of Calm, everyone was busy. They are getting ready to start the tournament for tommorow. Shops are being set up on the sides of the street.

"Big sister Fe, wait for me please!!!!!" Belle pleaded loudly as she was carrying two boxes. "Faster! So we can help Father and elder sister Elen at the store." Fe replied halting her steps and put the three boxes she was carrying with her.

Greg and Elen were two blocks away from the big blue Coliseum, the annual tournament's venue. They were setting up shop for Elen's clothing line and homemade snacks. Jun and Arthur were still at the mine at this time so they can't help them.

Belle and Fe finally reached the place where their shop will be set up. Belle sat on a nearby chair and asked for Fe for a glass of water. As she was fanning herself, she suddenly dropped from her chair by a child pulling the chair. A child who was about 9-10 years old with tanned skin and snot hanging from his nose.

Belle dropped straight to the ground. She rubbed her butt off from dust and glared at the child. "Hey! Why would you that!" The child answered back "This is my chair! If you want to sit on it give me 399 gold coins."

Belle's allowance was only 5 bronze coins each day when she goes to the academy. Let alone 1 gold coin which was 100 silver and 1 silver to 100 bronze coins. This child was just ridiculous. But she can't sit anywhere so she tried to sweet talk the child.

"What's your name, little brother?" She proposed while grinning awkwardly but was quickly rejected with, "No, I don't give my name to strangers.".

To which Belle quickly replied, "Oh c'mon, don't you like this pretty big sister. (Pointing smugly to herself)".

"No, I don't like big sisters, I only like little sisters."

"My big sister makes sweet fish flakes. Let's make a deal." she hurriedly whispered.

"..O-okay. I'm listening." The child answered timidly.

"Ooo" this amazed Belled and she continued to talk to the child.

"So what's your name? I'm Belle. Wyvern."

"I am Mester Panther."

"Okay Mester, wait here."

Belle went to get the promised deal of homemade fish flakes of her elder sister Elen. She gave it to Mester. She wanted to chat more with him but her father called.

"Belle, could you get me my tools back at the inn please?" She shouted "Okay! I'll be right back." Then she patted the busy Mester eating his flakes. "Big sister will be right back little Mester." Mester just nodded and proceeded to pleasure himself with the fish.

A few moments later, Belle came back but didn't see Mester at his chair anymore. And the shop that was being built there was already closed. "Maybe they already went home." Belle thought and brought his father's tools to their store.


As the twin moons descended to the west, Wobniar's light rose from the east shining the sleeping City of Wrath.

Horse carriages are being tended to. Carriages which will be ridden by high nobles to enter the Coliseum.

Morning people started to open their shops and gossip.

"Do you think the young lord will show up in the tournament?"

"Don't get your hopes up, he didn't even attend the King's birthday banquet."

"Who knows how much he's grown, last time I saw him was when Queen Belladonia brought him to the Royal Garden."

"Yeah, I saw him too, he was so cute back then."

"Maybe the young lord will come, who knows. They said that the royal twins will join in so..."

"Ahhh! The Firey Buns and Elegant Lia?!"

"I can't wait for the tournament to start. It will surely be amazing!"

No one knew, that the young lord they were talking about was in the royal carriage with the whole family on their way to the Coliseum.
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    《My Bahaghari Life》