Mei Ling : Peerless Beauty's New Life
16 Investing Into The Future
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Mei Ling : Peerless Beauty's New Life
Author :_Ling_Ling_
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16 Investing Into The Future

Crossing her legs, she indifferently replied, "Do you think you're worthy enough to know my name?"

You little brat! When I was already successful, you weren't even born yet!

However, the man's rage was forcibly kept in and he smiled in a strain, "Of course not, how

ill-mannered I am..uncle apologizes alright?"

"Do you think you're worthy enough to be called my uncle?"

...What else do you want! Why don't I just call you my grandpa!

Laughing, he replied, "Of course not, my mistake!"

Looking at his strained expression, Mei Ling pinched the nasal bone of her nose lightly and asked, "Which business are you in?"

Mr.Han immediately replied, "Miss, I'm currently in real estate."

Hearing that, her eye's immediately sparkled and stared at him as if she had just seen a big wad of cash that was found on the floor.

"Uncle, how about you work for me?"

Huh? Didn't she just say that he wasn't worthy to be called her uncle?! But at that moment, he couldn't care less. In front of his eyes was a golden card that he could possibly take advantage of! Nevertheless, he was an experienced investor and that included being careful around investing in people.

"Uh...How would I work for you, miss?"

"I'll leave you with money, and you'll help me with making money. Every cent you receive will be going back to my card. You'll receive a hefty amount at the end of each month."

"...How large an amount?"

Taking out a prepared piece of check from her bag that she kept at all times and a pen from the table in front of her, she wrote an amount before showing it to the man. Once the number written was seen, his eyes bulged out and his jaw dropped. Seeing this scene, the boss and Li Wei went over to take a look. Peeping at the number of zeros just for a single month, their jaws dropped in tandem.

Taking a deep breath in before swallowing a large gulp, Mr.Han asked, "This...This amount is per month? Are you sure not per year?"

Mei Ling was amused by their expressions. "Do you want it to be per year then?"

He panicked. "No no no! I was just making sure."

"Alright, then I'll give you a separate bank account and I'll be refilling it every month Don't disappoint me."

Nodding his head up and down like an obedient dog, he replied "Of course, of course!"

He cried out in his heart: He had really struck gold this time!

Getting up, ready to leave, she realized she still hadn't checked out the balance in her card. Looking to Li Wei, she asked, "Could you check out the balance in my card?"

"Ah?" She decided on the man's pay without knowing how much money she had? Isn't that too reckless?


"Nothing, nothing!" Going out and back in the room in a hurry, she gave a piece of paper to Mei Ling. Staring at the piece of paper, Mei Ling felt her thoughts in a disarray.

H..How could there be so many zeros?! She quickly stuffed the piece of paper into her bag before her face turned red in excitement. Having a second life really is so great!

Exchanging contacts with the three other people in the room, she walked to the door, turned around and said, "Mei Ling", then left.

"Hah? Mei Ling?"

The boss interrupted, "I believe that's her name, Mr.Han."

Mei Ling? Why had none of them heard of the Mei family?


Back downstairs at the bank.

Depositing a large amount of money into Mr.Han's account, she admired the amount of zero's she now was investing into for her own future.

"Mei Ling! How did it go?"

Hearing Hu Hua's voice, she hurriedly closed off the amount section. Turning around guiltily as if a thief that was trying to hide, she smiled softly.

"It was just a misunderstand thankfully. Are you done with what you wanted to do?"

"Yeah, should we go eat lunch now?"

Smiling in response, they both went uptown to one of the most expensive cafes', Boba.

However...just when they had settled down in a table next to the windows, Mei Ling caught Bai LianHua and a few friends coming in.
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    《Mei Ling : Peerless Beauty's New Life》