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Journal of Captain Ackeron
Author :asifsaj
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26 Day 26

@@This shall be my last journal entry. Sailing with my old crew will never get old. I will enjoy this for the rest of my eternal life. I shall spread the message of M'Kar to other lands and seas. I have already found one ship today. As I sailed towards it, I surrounded the lone exploration vessel with storms. It was like a plaything to the Raging Squid. I summoned the tentacled leviathan from under the ocean and decimated the lone vessel. I turned whoever was onboard into the same kind of monsters that we were. Each one of my crew wears masks to hide our true faces from the world. Even I wear a mask. They, too, have been given masks by M'Kar. Now, they shall serve under me to find more to convert.

I, Captain Ackeron, messenger of M'Kar, shall start a legend.

Where my Raging Squid goes, storms shall follow.

Monsters under the sea shall awaken by my call



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