Food Master of the Underworld
63 A thousand years of pain
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Food Master of the Underworld
Author :Goham
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63 A thousand years of pain

Hearing his words, Wang Ming was feeling angry again. Gritting his teeth Wang Ming looked the leader dead in the eye and once again tried to talk with him.

"Who Are you? Who are your boss and what do you want with me?"

But like last time the man didn't bother with Wang Ming and just snorted and said.

"Get The fuck out of here, kid. I know you don't have the balls to do anything. You're a pussy who can't even dirty his own hands to save your woman or your life. My boys will soon check up on me and then you won't have anywhere to escape."

Having enough of the man's haughtiness Wang Ming finally accepted that not everything in this world could be resolved peacefully. Even if you wanted to do it peacefully because you are strong than them, they will think of you a weak and meek man. Wang Ming understood that he could never evade trouble and had to face them head on. He would never go out and make needless trouble, but Wang Ming would definitely not cower if someone were to cause him trouble from this point on.

The man on the floor looked at Wang Ming and were happy to see that Wang Ming's face showed hesitation but after a while he saw Wang Ming's face expression slowly change from hesitation to determination and confidence. He realized that his unneedy comments had woken the beast inside of Wang Ming and knew that he would go through a hell lot of pain from this point on when seeing his bloodthirsty eyes.

Wang Ming then walked over to him, bracing himself for pain and insults the man tightened up his muscles and clenched his teeth. But waiting for a minute nothing happened, feeling curious the man looked behind him to see what Wang Ming was doing and felt instant regret. Wang Ming was standing ready holding in his hand a baseball bat and were about to hit the whip further into his ass. The man tried to crawl away but couldn't as Wang Ming were using one of his legs to hold him in place.

"Little brother my names is Gang Gou you know my name I know your name we are acquainted no need to hurt each other, okay? Let's talk. I'll tell you everything you want to hear just do nothing reckless."

Gang Gou had never felt so humiliated in his life but to save himself from the pain, and even more humiliation by having something penetrate even further into his ass. He could only plead to Wang Ming. But this was only temporary he only needed to talk and stall Wang Ming, his brothers would check on him soon and rescue him. By then he would get his revenge, he wouldn't stick just the whip back into Wang Ming's ass but the tip of the baseball bat. He would then slap the policewoman awake and fuck her multiple times in front of Wang Ming.

But Wang Ming didn't want to take any chances and seeing that his threat were successful he kept going. To ensure that the man would speak the truth, Wang Ming decided that he would need to taste some pain first. So he took the whip which had deeply penetrated Gang Gou's asshole and tried to yank it out just a bit before taking the baseball bat and smashing it down on the whip. But the bat not only hit the whip but also hit Gang Gou right on the ass, the pain was so excruciating that tears ran uncontrollably out of Gang Gou's eyes.

"YOU Motherfucker! I said I would tell you everything, YOU…"

These weren't the words Wang Ming wanted to hear, so he was about to hit the whip one more time with his bat. But before the strike hit Gang Gou shouted in a desperate and sincere voice.

"Big Brother, please. I beg you. I will tell you everything stop. I promise on my soul that everything I tell you is the truth."

While saying these words, Gang Gou sincerely prayed in his head for his brothers to speed up soon arrive.

Seeing that Gang Gou were genuinely scared now, Wang Ming felt ensured that he would tell the truth, though he wouldn't take it for granted. If he found any discrepancies, Wang Ming wouldn't hesitate to hit Gang Gou.

"Ok, So who sent you? What do you want? Why am I one of your targets?"

"I'm from the HouZi gang. My mission here was to lure you to this warehouse. Then at 6pm, there would be people here to ambush you, the men that captured Louzheng your assistant. I'm only a small boss in HouZi gang, so I'm only in control of maintaining the security here and lure you in, the others would do the rest. I promise you this is the only thing I know."

Wang Ming had been studying and looking at Gang Gou's face when he talked. And he didn't look to be lying, but Wang Ming felt that he still hid something, so he pressed Gang Gou further.

"Very well. It doesn't seem like you lied to me, BUT I feel you are hiding something from me. So want to tell me before or after the pain?"

Seeing Wang Ming swing the bat towards him, Gang Gou couldn't do anything but try to hold against the pain. Since this secret wouldn't only affect him and Houzi gang, but also the people helping HouZi gang.

After hitting Gang Gou one time with the baseball bat, Wang Ming felt weird that he said nothing but just tried to endure the pain. So he kept going after the fifth hit Gang Gou couldn't hold on anymore so he spilled the beans.

"Big Brother, stop just let me die, please. Stop torturing me like this. I remember my boss talking about the people behind him is Bo Hou Zhang and his father. This was their plan of taking over the FenZhong city both politically and from the underworld. I swear this is all I know!"

Hearing his desperation, Wang Ming knew that he had finally told him everything. Though Wang Ming couldn't understand why Bo Hou Zhang and his father would try this. They had a small conflict but nothing big happened from it, Bo Hou Zhang even scammed him with the empty card. And remembering how afraid Bo Hou Zhang was of Meng Hao, Wang Ming couldn't understand why he would suddenly make such a big move. Weren't he afraid of Meng Hao anymore? Or had Bo Hou Zhang found a bigger backing?

Thinking about it didn't give Wang Ming anymore answers so Wang Ming decided the best option was to escape as quickly as possible. If there were only Wang Ming, then he could have hid to find out more information. But since he had an unconscious Qiao Meng and Louzheng which weren't in a condition to fight, he had to prioritize survival and escape.

Gathering Qiao Meng's clothes which Gang Gou had thrown to the side of the bed, Wang Ming started to dress Qiao Meng. He couldn't have her going out half naked. He wasn't afraid of Gang Gou running away as he was still lying on the ground, groaning in pain. Dressing her Wang Ming tried to be casual and fast, but dressing her meant that he were touching some places he shouldn't be like her ass and breast. Touching them he couldn't help but marvel in the soft and squishy feeling. Wang Ming now truly understood why some men were degenerates it was an addictive feeling.

Though what Wang Ming didn't know was that Qiao Meng had woken up a few minutes before, but she said nothing firstly because of her lack of clothes. And the sight of Wang Ming torturing Gang Gou for answers made her even more embarrassed, since it could make people misunderstand that Wang Ming and Gang Gou were doing a BDSM play.

Even though she felt uncomfortable that Wang Ming dressed her and even copped a feel at her body. She decided not to say anything and just kept on playing unconscious. She didn't want to make the situation they were in any more uncomfortable than it was. The worst part about all this was that she said to Wang Ming that she could deal with everything and just ran here expecting to kick their asses.

But instead the bad guys had ambushed caught and nearly raped her. Thinking about this, she felt regret and finally understood why she still were in the traffic division and not in the homicide division. She were too hotheaded and didn't cooperate with her associates. If she had been a smart police worker, she would have instantly asked for help and her superior's orders. But this also didn't discourage her because she finally understood what she were lacking and this made her even more motivated because she now knew what she lacked.
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Seeing that Qiao Meng was fully clothed now, Wang Ming went to the door to free Louzheng. But before he could Louzheng pushed the door hard and stumbled into the room with a nervous face.

"Wang Ming there are people with guns outside, I don't know if they are good or bad people."

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    《Food Master of the Underworld》