Eliatrope in DxD
8 Ethereal Effec
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Eliatrope in DxD
Author :Denmo_H7
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8 Ethereal Effec


A/N: Yeah yeah I know I'm late, sorry about that, a lot happened and you know the main cause, anyway Enjoy


...Third POV...

It was supposed to be a normal day for Sirzechs, dealing with papers, checking the movement of the enemy, planning attack and the like.

His troop were meant to go near a city in the Lucifuge territory. It was a safe zone, aside some scouting squads, they were not supposed to meet any enemies.

His job was to establish a camp for the troops to gather and plan an attack on the city.

He didn't even need to stay there, all he had to do was make sure that the troops managed to establish a base of operations for the Anti-Satan faction then voilà. It was supposed to be another general, a lazy bastard who dump his job on him.

Before they even finished building the camp, some Old-Satan f*cker's troops appeared appeared out of nowhere in hundreds, as if it wasn't enough, Grayfia f*cking Lucifuge was leading along with another bastard of the same rank.

Since it was just to build a damn base of operations, a damn easy job, he didn't bring many people men, only 200 since a high numbers would have been noticed. And they were at least 400 !!

He had barely any ultimate class and his troops were getting cut down. And that Ice queen was a f*cking killing spray, if not for him being there, his men would have been wiped out long ago, but even for him, fighting two jack*ss at practically the level as him was too much at that time. But he didn't have choice, he had to hang it there until Ajuka and Serafall came to help.

Sirzechs: 'How did this happen ? I was sure that we didn't leave any evidence of our arrival here, no one spotted us. Do we have a traitor in our rank ? That must be it, but who ? Once I find that bastard, he will suffer.'

Normally, slaughtering a few hundred devil is not a problem for him at all, with his Destruction magic and his perfect control over it, it would be easy. But his troops were in the mixed in with the chaos, and he didn't want to kill his own soldiers.

Jack*ss: "Oh my, if it isn't general Gremory, what's up ? You seem troubled by something"

Said a woman with a man behind her wich he recognized as the traitor since he was one of his men

Sirzechs frowned his eyebrows in annoyance while frowing a huge destruction ball toward the jack*ss, who evaded it and hit the traitor


Sirzechs: 'At least the mole is dead' thought he "Mind giving me your name miss ?"

Penelope: "Oh, where are manners, the name's Penelope Leviathan, it's a pleasure to meet the handsome and famous Sirzechs Gremory"

Sirzechs: "Is it that so ?" replied Sirzechs while looking for a way out

Part of him told him to forget his men and blow up every single bastard of the Odl-Satan faction

Sirzechs: 'What to do ?' thought Sirzechs while looking at the Leviathan descendant in front of him and the ice queen bihind ready to bite. And then, multitude of turquoise color portail aimed at the enemies appeared in the sky along with two figures.

???: "Merry Christmas you filthy animal~! And happy new years~!"

After the one in full armor yelled that phrase, every portal shoot mana toward some Old-Satan soldiers and the one in front and behind of him

Penelope: "Tch, and might you be ?"

???: "Just call us Knight X. Sirzechs Gremory, we are here to help"

Said the mysterious knight clad in a majestic looking ivory and blue armor before taking out two sword

...Alan POV...

I took my Dancer's Enchanted Sword (A/N: Dark souls) and look at Artoria who wield two Daedric sword

Alan: "I will take on Grayfia, I want to see what she got"

Artoria: "Get in the line, darling" said Artoria with a stoic expression

Alan: "Come on please, I will cook everything you want"

Artoria: "200 burger"

Alan: "20, I like being alive"

Artoria: "100"

Alan: "50"

Artoria: "80, my last word"

Alan: "Deal ! You can take on the bimbo or mob"

After nodding she went for the mob, and I then looked and dash toward Grayfia.

I slashed my swords vertically toward her, she blocked them with two ice shortsword and push me back, I thought she would evaded but she blocked.

I then dash toward her again, we exchanged a couple of blow and I was more and more surprised, we were practically at the same level of swordmanship wich was really unexpected, I was of course slightly superior because I did get a daily beat down by the king of knights herself for 6 years, but....if my style was direct and flawless, her style was full of cunning trick and really deadly but It look like she was dancing, we exchanged blow again and again and again, for the both it was a pleasant sparing of pur swordmanship, but aside of Artoria nobody could follow us, we were just to fast even Sirzechs had hard time following our move

We then cross sword and look at each other eyes for 10 seconds wich were for some reason really long, I looked at her eyes and she looked at mine, It was really weird, for a moment I thought Artoria was in front of me

We then separated from each other and I was questioning myself about that feeling, It's the second time It happen to me, the first time was when I first saw Artoria, Elianor gave me the answer

Elianor: [Ethereal Effect]

Alan: 'Ethereal Effect ? what's that ?'

Alan: '...WHAT !?'

Alan: 'I will talk to Artoria first, for now we have a war'

We then charge at each other, for a moment there was no one else than me and her, we were in our on wolrd, we only heard our blade clashing against each other, we could only see each other, something like this happened too

Alan: 'It's official, I have fallen in love...again *sigh*'

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    《Eliatrope in DxD》