Danmachi: Dragon Ball System
17 Skill Obtained!
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Danmachi: Dragon Ball System
Author :Red_Phantom
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17 Skill Obtained!

[ Update detected!

Do you want to update the system? ]

"Good, you just reminded me."

[ Update or what? ]

"Alright, update now."

[ Updating...

Please wait for 3 ticks... ]

"Wait what do you mean 3 ticks!!?"

[ You know, you should focus on your battle than focusing on me when I also need to focus on updating. ]

"Wait, wha-!?"

Before Bell could even finished, he took a hit from a minotaur. Because of the impact, he crashed on the wall and slowly fell down.

Since Bell's body was strong as a minotaur or even stronger, he survived the hit. However, he kept asking the system what is the meaning of 3 ticks and what the hell did the system know there was a minotaur rushing towards him.

"Come on, what does 3 ticks mean?"

[ Fight first, then I'll tell you. ]

"Okay..." he said nothing more than that and focused himself at hi enemies...

Yes, you heard- I mean you read that right, his enemies. The other minotaur are also appeared, making it very difficult for him as they were, at least, dozen of them all.

"All right, don't fail me."

He started to get stronger, not just power, but everything is heightened: power, speed, even hearing and vision bit by bit using, no doubt, Kaioken. However, even if he get stronger by using it, the only downside of the Kaioken is that it takes a heavy toll on the user's body, making them more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Meaning, he have to be careful and fast.

These group of minotaurs are individually weaker than inside the dungeon. Even though they were weaker, they are strong in group.

With Bell standing there, a minotaur came rushing at him while using Kaioken, trying to fully unleash its power. However, in the nick of time, the minotaur was pushed back by a gush of surging energy.

Before being hit by the minotaur, Bell remembered that if a transformation is finished, it will cause everything around him be destroyed with just an energy without form.

A transparent window popped up and showed a very important, or not, information.

[ Attributes ⬇

Level: 1 - 216/250

STR: 546 ➡ 314

END: 494 ➡ 210

DEX: 520 ➡ 299

AGI: 750 ➡ 431

MAG: 0 ➡ 0

Buff ⬇

Kaioken: Raises STR, DEX, and AGI by 15%

Debuff ⬇

Kaioken: Reduces END by 15% ]

'Buff and Debuff, huh? Seems like I have to learn how to turn Super Saiyan instead.'

Bell rushed and attacked behind a minotaur in just a second, cutting its head clean and disappear, vanished like a bubble.

'11 more...'

Next, he used Triple Cleave on three minotaurs and caused them to shriek in pain. However, only one was killed, the other two were severely injured. But in just a second, they were already dead before they knew.

'7 more.'

Looking at their kin being slaughtered by bell, they rushed at him. They attacked at the same time, making loud noises and roar of these beasts.

Bell used his speed to appear behind and between the minotaurs, released a powerful barrage of punches and slashes, instantly killing the two minotaur.

'5 more to go.'

The other minotaurs attacked Bell midair, but were shocked when he disappeared out of thin air. Little did they know, that Bell appeared behind them and readied a ball that kept getting bigger until it's the same size when you combined 5 minotaur into a ball.

"Big Bang... Attack." he shouted in a low voice without shouting that made him look cool.

More importantly, he leveled up. Yes indeed, he leveled up at his 4th kill, yet he was so focused at the battle than the window showing him his stats.

[ You've Leveled Up!]

[ Attributes ⬇

Level: 2 - 23/500

STR: 590 ➡ 339

END: 520 ➡ 221

DEX: 550 ➡ 316

AGI: 760 ➡ 437

MAG: 0 ➡ 0 ]

"Nice!" after seeing his stats, he felt happiness swirling inside him. If it was not for Kaioken to power-up, he would probably ended up exhausted without even exploring further in. However, he was confused why he had yet to get the skill.

"Wait... Ah, I know now!" he remembered what really happened, he continued "It's not about killing lots of minotaur, but facing my fears."

Bell gathered all the magic stones, only 3 of them dropped magic crystals, though.

"However, If I fought a strengthened species, would that be enough?"

He continued on wandering inside, only to see one of them wandering the maze like him. The time the minotaur saw him it came going to attacked him. However, instead of attacking in normal way, it rushed towards Bell's position by walking. Yes, by walking.

"This one looks strong..." he muttered. However, the minotaur stopped in front him "Wha-what!"

He was shocked, so shocked that the minotaur in front him was rather larger, its face was more human-like, and has a hair and beard.

It kneeled down in front of Bell and pointed at his pouch of magic crystals. "You want my pouch of magic crystal?" Bell asked.

The minotaur nodded at him and pointing it at its mouth "You wanted to try if you can talked with these?" then again, it nodded. "You seem to be pretty calm than the normal ones."

After feeding him only 3 magic crystal, he gave it another 2 more from the ones he kept before.

After the minotaur ate 5 magic crystals, "Thanks for your magic crystals, Boss!" it was happy that it can talk now.

"Please don't call me Boss, just call me Bell."

"Okay, Boss!!"

'Does this guy know obidience?' he sighed.

Seeing Bell, sighed. He broke the silence, "You're going to get something, right?" he asked in a serious low voice.

"Yes, you're right... I am going to kill a strengthened species. A minotaur, like you."

The minotaur got scared, even though he was a strengthened specie itself. But, became calm again as Bell, stopped pressuring it using his ki control.

The minotaur proposed something. He said that, there is one more strong specie like him.


"Follow me, if you want kill that beast, you need me to guide you."

"All right, let's go!"

After many turns, Bell, saw the beast he was talking about. Readying his weapon and activated Kaioken.

Bell rushed behind the minotaur and slashed many times. However, it seemed to be way stronger than the other ones.

This one was fast enough to hit Bell, then bell readied his Kamehameha while using Kaioken. He needed to finish this one already, as it was fast catching up at Bell.

Bell has his overcharged Kamehameha in his hands. However, it was fast, fast enough to appear in front of him.

As the minotaur seemed to be the victor, but Bell disappeared suddenly. By using, none other than, Instant Tranmission and blasted it behind.

[ Skill Obtained!

Ox Slayer Skill ⬇

Deals more damage to bull-type monsters. ]

"I respect your strength. Just call me Mino for short."

"Your naming sense is too obvious."

"Just leave it be!"
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    《Danmachi: Dragon Ball System》