Born as a Sage in Naruto World
74 BSNW CH 070 - Secret of the Divine Ice Crystal Village
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Born as a Sage in Naruto World
Author :Niks
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74 BSNW CH 070 - Secret of the Divine Ice Crystal Village

"Seven stars of destruction? Did you not want to make it any more fancy of a name ?" Jun asked sarcastically.

"Well seeing names like the White Fang, The Strongest Spear, The Sannin, The Copy Ninja, The Demon etc, I think we have still kept it a bit modest don't you think ?" Rikuo laughed good naturedly. Rest of the Seven stars didn't react much, except the boy Ikari who seemed a bit annoyed at Jun for being disrespectful. Jun noticed his irritation but didn't pay it much importance.

The boy left right after that, not waiting for Rikuo or Jun. The brown haired girl Kashikoi left right behind him, acting like a big sister to calm him down. Rikuo didn't make an issue of it and let the boy do as he pleased. On Seeing Jun's raised eyebrow he had to explain it with a sigh.

"You have to excuse Ikari for his temper and rough behaviour. He respects the rest of us very much, except Old Man Hastar. He actually grew up with bandits, and incidentally was highly respected their because of his genius level talent and capabilities. He had invented a crude healing Jutsu all by himself while being in the bandit group. Plus his high grasp of taijutsus and body training talent had made him the strongest of them despite no formal training. It was only after meeting us that he realized where he was wrong and tried to reform himself. Kashikoi took him under wing and taught him almost everything he knows, like an elder sister would. Anyway , because of all that he might be feeling miffed out at the fact that you made fun of those he respects."
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"I am sorry for hurting his feelings, but come on, I still feel the name is a bit corny." Jun protested while apologizing

"Well, it may sound weird to you, but I feel it is extremely descriptive of us. Each one of us should be enough to bring about a wide amount of destruction. Especially Nozomi, Kashikoi, Saibo and me, we can probably give a hidden village run for its money by just ourselves alone."

"Are you serious?" Jun couldn't believe that as he knew of exactly what the powerhouses of Konoha were capable of. With his knowledge of this world he knew of many such powerhouses of past, present and future and he had a difficult time believing the Seven Stars could do what Rikuo claimed. The only one of Seven stars he could believe could bring that much destruction and that was Rikuo himself, and that too barely. After all, that guy had defeated Jun while still holding back, even though Jun went all out.

"Oh ya definitely. Take Nozomi for example, what can you deduce from what she has shown so far ?"

"Well, I know she is an Uchiha from our fight. Pretty well trained in various fighting styles, helped enormously by her Sharingan no doubt. Other than that nothing much, since our fight was very brief."

"Well, for starters, we two are not the only sages here. That should give you a hint."

"She is a sage too ?"

"Oh yes, and quite a rare one too. The tribe she contracted with was thought to be already extinct. She contracted The Star Shadow Dragon Clan, they taught her the way to become Star Sage. Also they are one of the clans that have unique method of harnessing a different kind of energy than Nature energy for using Sage Mode. In her case it was Star Energy, which is toxic for us if not using the Enigmatic Star Method of The Star Shadow Dragon Clan. Other than that , she is the only one I have seen who has more than two composite element affinity. Although now I guess the list has increased to two, since I can sense at least three from you."

"Ya, you already know Plant-style, but I am also proficient with Space and Yin-Yang style which is also known as Creation-style. Her Sharingan seems special too, its evolved isn't it ?"

"Yes, its Eternal Mangekyo, Don't ask her about it though. Its a tragic event , every Eternal Mangekyo is. Other than that, she is proficient in hundreds of Jutsus in all type of domains like seal type, attack, support etc."

"Wow, I am kind of speechless, she seems kind of ditzy and cheerful on the outside. Who knew she will be a hidden master."

"Anyway, we should get going" Rikuo said while walking along side Jun "You need to meet our leader, she is the one who approved your teammates to be here in this village. She also said you have something in you she needs to examine before making a decision. Lets go, we should not keep her waiting , trust me on that."


Rikuo took Jun to the extreme northern edge of the Divine Ice Crystal Village. This area was completely desolate, polar opposite of the main area of Divine Ice Crystal Village which was beautiful and vibrant. All that existed in this area was huge ice crystal mountains, especially the central one which was tens of times bigger than the average and completely covered in piled up and hardened snow.

Rikuo didn't speak a single word since the moment they came to the vicinity of the mountains. Instead his contained a respectful glance, constantly looking at the central gigantic mountain. At the foot of the mountain nearest to the village, he kneeled on one knee with his head bowed, as if greeting an emperor. Jun was surprised, but eventually followed Rikuo's example. Although he didn't know what was going on, he still trusted Rikuo enough to know that his actions must be driven by some logical reason.

Rikuo smiled on seeing Jun copy him, he was glad that they could establish a relationship of mutual respect at the very least. Suddenly he opened his mouth and started telling a story in a sombre low voice.

"There was once a world where Beasts reigned supreme. Rather, it should be said that all kinds of unnatural beings superior to humans lived in that world and humans were just a tiny existence that only survived extinction because of their immense determination to adapt and their unparalleled ability to reproduce quickly and survive. Humans in that world had to fight tooth and nail every day of their lives to survive and thus they couldn't stay together in huge communities as they had to constantly keep migrating to survive."

After taking a moment of pause, Rikuo continued "However all that changed one day when a powerful being descended from heavens, bearing a seed of a tree of unimaginable power. That being nurtured the seed into a mighty tree and the fruit it bore contained a power so unimaginable that it made the entire world tremble. Feeling the power of the fruit, the supernatural beings of the world all gathered to acquire it. After a brief war, most of the supernatural beings were defeated, leaving the powerful being that originally got the seed to the world, and five unimaginably powerful beasts. These five beasts were all masters of one of the primary element of the world each and boasted complete dominion over it."

"The being which was the owner of the tree fought the five beasts in a free for all for a very long time, until the point where she felt she might be defeated. At that point it deceived the beasts and stole the fruit from the tree, consuming it immediately before the five beasts could stop her. The fruit gave her enormous power and a control over a certain new kind of energy which the being named 'Chakra' and the being gave herself the title of 'Mother of Chakra'. After that the six of them continued the fight, but this time the beasts banded against her and used their elemental mastery to coordinate with each other and boost the power of the elements. After fighting like this for a long while, All six of them realized that they were in a stalemate. So to call a truce, The Mother of Chakra split off a portion of her powers and fashioned it into five Chakra Seeds and offered one to each beast. The best about this chakra seed was that it was basically an imitation of the Chakra Fruit and would be completely free of The Mother of Chakra's Influence once the beast consumed them."

"The truce was agreed and the five beasts went on their own way. To the west went the Great White Tiger Byakko, The Ruler of Lightning. With the application of Chakra he developed a unique nature transformation for himself , which he named 'Power' or which could also be called 'Boost'. It would increase purely his physical abilities to an unimaginable level when used."

"To the south went the Gigantic Bird of Fire Suzaku, The Ruler of Fire. With the application of Chakra he developed a unique nature transformation for himself , which he named 'Purification'. It would 'cleanse' the target it is used on of all effects the user believes to be 'unclean' when used"

"To the east went the Enormous Dragon of the Heavens Seiryuu, The Ruler of Wind. With the application of Chakra he developed a unique nature transformation for himself , which he named 'Erosion'. It would 'break' anything it targets, and if used with full effect could remove the world itself from existence."

"To the north went the Humungous Snake-Tailed Turtle Genbu, The Ruler of Water. With the application of Chakra he developed a unique nature transformation for himself , which he named 'Protection'. It would 'isolate' the target it is used on of whatever the user believes to be 'unsafe' when used as long as provided with power."

"The last one wanted to find the purpose of her life, so she chose the life of a loner and wanderer. She was the Ruler of Earth, the Calamity Beast, White Fox Sage Resshin. She was the First Sage Beast and also given the title of Mother of Sages respectfully by all the Sage Beasts. Unlike the other four, she didn't immediately dwell on her new found power. Instead she studied the power for years, studying its nature and inclinations."

"However, within a blink of an eye all went wrong in the world. For some reason the Mother of Chakra became obsessed with power and started hunting all the sentient beings of the world to form a living dead puppet army for herself. However, her own sons, who were born in the fragile peaceful period after the truce between her and the five divine beasts opposed her and joined forces with the five divine beasts."

"It was after a huge chaotic fight that a ray of hope was delivered to the world. The eldest son Hagoromo and the White Fox Sage devised a method to seal his mother. White Fox Sage had finally created a unique nature transformation for herself like the other four beasts. In fact, she developed two instead of one like the others. One was 'Creation' which she devised by combining Yin-Yang Manipulation together with Soul Energy. She taught this Nature Transformation to Hagoromo too. The other was one of the only mental type nature transformation to ever exist, 'Domination'."

"She and Hagoromo developed the Sun-Moon Seal that combined the essence of 'Creation' and 'Domination' and bound it to the Bloodline of Hagoromo and his Brother Homura. This way the Seal would increase its effects exponentially if targeted at the one belonging to that bloodline, in this case it was their mother Kaguya. After a nearly world destroying battle, Kaguya was sealed and Hagoromo got the control of her 'Chakra Fruit'. However, he had other ideas compared to his mother about the Chakra Fruit."

"Once again with the help of White Fox Sage, they combined the essence of 'Creation' and 'Domination' to develop the Chakra fruit into an enormous living Chakra being. Out of his respect for the White Fox Sage, Hagoromo added her aura into it, which transformed the chakra being into a Ten Tailed Chakra Beast. Hagoromo then borrowed traces of soul essence from nine different sage beast clans and divided the Ten Tailed Chakra Beast into nine parts, creating the Nine Tailed Beasts."

"The Ninth Tailed Beast was formed out of a sliver of the soul of the White Fox Sage herself, making it the Strongest of the Nine. Given her contribution in the matter, Hagoromo and Homura respectfully gave the White Fox Sage the title 'Mother of All Tailed Beasts'."

"However, the White Fox Sage discussed with the other four divine beasts and told Hagoromo to let the world forget about the five of them. They were too strong and the world needed time to grow after the destruction Kaguya wrought. Hagoromo hence prepared Five resting places for the Five Divine Beasts to rest until the world was ready for them again. Over the course of time, the Divine Beasts sometimes picked suitable hosts to share their power with if they felt they deserved it. But their existence was a highly kept secret, and usually only a Divine Beast knew about the activities of the other four."

Jun listened to the tale completely spell-bound by the immensity of the truth that was applied by the said tale. Just as he was about to ask what this tale had to do with him, the gigantic ice mountain at the center of the mountain group started cracking and rumbling. Before their wide open eyes, the mountain crumbled slowly into a pile of ice shards. Once the dust and snow subsided, an enormous white fox was revealed, with a tail that looked as if made out of clouds and was tens of times larger than the fox's entire body. The tail was wrapped around the fox like mist wreathing it, its huge eyes looking at Jun and Rikuo, twinkling in amusement.

"Jun," Rikuo said solemnly as he bowed even more "Pay respects to the Mother of Tailed Beasts, the Mother of Sage Beasts, the Great Calamity Beast, and Guardian of Divine Ice Crystal Village - The White Fox Sage Resshin."
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    《Born as a Sage in Naruto World》