Bleach System Within Bleach
741 Chapter 741 : The Soul Palace 12!!!
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Bleach System Within Bleach
Author :Seion
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741 Chapter 741 : The Soul Palace 12!!!

Ukitake: "This..."

Sora: "How do you feel??"

Ukitake: "Like i wasn't sick in the first place..."

Sora: "Then either your sickness healed completely or you gained many years ahead of you..."

Aizen: "Since we finished with the little show are we leaving??"

Sora: "Way to ruin the mood huh..."

Aizen: "What an amusing way to say that as I never cared for any of them..."

Sora: "True... Anyway, we are done here..."

Yamamoto: "Then everyone has their own orders to carry as we are now departing for our final stand..."

As they had their orders, they saluted before dispersing at every corner of the Soul Society, only the girls, Ichigo, C. Sora, Yamamoto, Aizen and Sora were left there...

Sora: "Although i doubt something will happen, C. Sora will remain here..."

Sora: "To that end, Ichigo we will go full force..."

Ichigo: "I know..."

Sora: "Then shall we depart??"

After finishing their own small problems to deal with, Sora opened in the sky where previously Yhwach ascend a door and the four of them flew towards it...

After passing through it, their own bodies felt somewhat restrained but with their current powers, they felt as if it did nothing...

Travelling through each time they were about to pass a barrier Sora opened a door and passed through towards the other side...

He did that as the barriers were close to refix themselves and trouble would occur if they passed again forcefully...

Therefore he used the small gap that still hadn't been fixed in its barrier to letting his doors connect without coming in contact with the barriers or the energy that fixed them back...

They passed through one barrier after the other and before they even knew it they had reached the last one...

Sora: "It seems like we will soon see the mess Yhwach created on this place..."

Aizen: "Mess?? You mean deaths..."

Sora: "Mess, deaths, trouble, offerings whatever... The point is that we have to clean everything..."

Yamamoto: "Sure youngsters these days take things way too casual..."

Sora: "Not casual, we are sure that they will have many losses..."

Aizen: "Therefore we don't bother taking it seriously..."

As they passed the final barrier they saw a blindly light and finally landed on the entrance of the palace...

What welcomed them thought were many soldiers with weapons and destruction...

Body parts spread around, a pool of blood, two dead bodies which Sora immediately identify and scattered withered plants and trees...

Sora: "Errr... It seems Yhwach performed a ritual here..."

Aizen: "That is indeed amusing in its own way..."

Yamamoto: "Things look quite grave as we were late..."

Sora: "But those body parts... Do those belong to Ichibe??

As the Soldiers didn't know what to do a light breeze passed them by and within their ears, a voice resounded...


Even though both Aizen and Yamamoto heard this voice the one who heard it and then felt something was wrong was Sora...

As soon as he heard this word, he felt his Reiatsu diminish somewhat by a minuscule amount...

Before he could act or speak the scattered body parts started floating around and soon reconnected and then reformed into a figure...

Sora: "Now that's kinda rude to take something from me and not giving anything in return..."

Ichibe: "I can't help it..."

Ichibe: "My Self-Reconstitution allows me to completely restore my body to its former state and reconstruct every piece of it that was out of place."

Ichibe: "However for that to happen, i can only do so by stealing a bit of power from someone that says my name to initiate the process..."

Sora: "Yeah right... I bet you can also bring others back to life as long as their reiatsu lingers around..."

Ichibe: "For that to happen i need to be alive first and in turn, someone needs to say my name to revive me..."

Ichibe: "Most importantly the Soul King needs to be intact as my powers are closely linked to him..."

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    《Bleach System Within Bleach》