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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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41 Divine Tree

After leaving the Loki Familia he took off his cloak and mask after which he went to the dungeon to check the new updates as he didn't get enough time to do it in the morning.

...…In front of Babel tower a black figure who was wearing a cloak which covered it from head to toe leaving only the face, this person had silver hair and purple eyes. This person was none other than Freya, she came down as soon as she saw Bell coming near the dungeon.

When she was near the entrance she was able to see him near the entrance and called out to him,

"Hello Mr. Bell"

When Bell heard someone calling out to him and turned around he was able to see Freya standing there in her black cloak. He then remembered that he bought an item to help her hide her identity so that they could go out whenever they want to. He then noticed her coming towards him and asked,

"Hey, what are you doing out here in this time??"

"I should be the one to ask you, after taking advantage of me that day you didn't even contact me. Do you know how lonely I was??"

"Well sorry about that. I had some work pending so I wasn't able to visit you"

"Well, in that case, I want you to accompany me for the night"

"I would LOVE to do that but I have a few things to do in the dungeon so I won't be able to do that tonight"

"I don't care. I want you to accompany me tonight and you won't be able to change my mind no matter what!"

"In that case how about, I accompany you later in the night after I finish my work??"


"Alright this is my last compromise, I'll accompany you later tonight and tomorrow I'll take you out on a date. How about it?? Interested??"

"Hmm... Fine, but you have to come back fast. If you don't then I won't let you go back today at all"

"Deal. I'll probably come back before midnight so where do I meet you??"

"Don't worry about that. I'll send someone to pick you up after you're done with your work"

"Alright see you later then"


After leaving Freya he went straight to the 10th floor. In this floor, larger monsters like Orcs and such can be found. He came to this floor since he also decided to go further into the dungeon with Lily tomorrow and finally stop at this floor for now.

He then opened his status,


[Name: Bell Cranel (????)]

[Life Expectancy: 500 years]

[Race: Demi God]

[Level: 1]

[STR - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[VIT - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[DEX - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[AGI - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[MAG - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

Developed Abilities: [Luck (S)] [Cook (E)] [Divine Healing (G)] [Swordsman (F)] [Magic Resistance (S)] [Blacksmith (F)] [Abnormal Resistance (S)] [Alchemist (G)] [Divine Mage (I)]

(Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Luck, Blacksmith, Spirit Healing, Mixing, Mage)

Skill: [Status Edit] [No Limit] [Liaris Freese] [No Chant] [Copy] [Transfer]

(Liaris Freese)

Magic: [Elemental Magic] [Space-Time Magic]

(Elemental Magic {Chantless})

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map, Notification, Storage

System Points: 1.500.000.000

[Valis: 900.000.000]


He noticed that his status didn't increase any further despite how many monsters he had hunted along with the question marks next to his name and the new columns in the status

"System, what do those question marks next to my name mean??"

[Ding… The question marks next to the name is for your God name which you would receive on promoting to a True God]

"…..I'm not surprised anymore. But when would I ascend to a god??"

[Ding… Host needs to reach Lv.9 in order to access that information]

"Fine, forget about it I'll think about that later. Show me information about the Copy and Transfer skills"

[Copy: Able to copy a person's skills and magic to oneself. But it is unable to copy unique magic]

[Transfer: Able to transfer skills to the selected target]

"System is it possible to copy my own magic to someone else??"

[Ding… As long as it is not unique magic Host can use copy on the magic and transfer it to the target]

"….So I can't transfer any of my magic or skills since they are all unique right??"

[Ding… Yes]

"Also what happened to the sub-quest section??"

[Ding… Due to the upgrade, the sub-quest section has fused with the quests section and can be viewed from there. Now Hidden Quests can also be accessed]

"Hidden Quests huh….. Well, I already expected that so its fine. But why didn't I receive any notification after completing the lap-pillow quest??"

[Ding… Notification function has been turned off since the system was on upgrade]

".... Turn it back on"

[Ding… Notifications - Active]

[Ding… Quests: Get a lap pillow from Aiz Wallenstein, Have sex with Aiz Wallenstein (Hidden), Kill a Thousand Monsters - Completed]

[Ding… Received: Title Function Unlocked, Charm Skill, Bloodline Function Unlocked, SP]


[Name: Bell Cranel (????)]

[Life Expectancy: 500 years]

[Race: Demi God]

[Level 1]

[STR - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[VIT - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[DEX - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[AGI - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

[MAG - 10000 (800) EX (A)]

Developed Abilities: [Luck (S)] [Cook (E)] [Divine Healing (G)] [Swordsman (F)] [Magic Resistance (S)] [Blacksmith (F)] [Abnormal Resistance (S)] [Alchemist (G)] [Divine Mage (I)]

(Abnormal Resistance, Cook, Luck, Blacksmith, Spirit Healing, Mixing, Mage)

Skill: [Status Edit] [No Limit] [Liaris Freese] [No Chant] [Copy] [Transfer] [Charm]

(Liaris Freese, Charm)

Magic: [Elemental Magic] [Space-Time Magic]

(Elemental Magic {Chantless})

[Title: The First]

[Bloodline: Demi God]

System Functions: Scan, Quests, Shop, Map, Notification, Storage

System Points: 2.500.000.000

[Valis: 900.000.000]


When he read the new notifications he was shocked as he had gotten way more than he had expected and he was also surprised to see a hidden quest.

He then asked the system to show him the Charm Skill, and the uses of the new function,

[Charm: Increases the attraction of the opposite gender towards the host. Increases reproduction capabilities of the host]

[Title Function: Can be used to equip a title, can only be used once per level. The Title is also shown on the real status of the Host]

[Bloodline Function: Shows the bloodline of the user]

When he read the uses of the charm skill and the fact that the title function is visible on the actual status, he was shocked and as for the bloodline function it was as expected

"System what do you mean by displayed on the actual status. Won't Hestia and the others be surprised if an extra column is present on my status"

[Ding… Host doesn't need to worry since the title function would be considered as a special function on your status and you won't be suspected of anything]

"Did anyone else have a special function for them to think like that??"

[Ding... Until now no one had unlocked the special functions of the status. It is a default setting of the status, which the gods have not told the humans as of yet. When you get your next status update you would be considered as the first]

"I see… But why didn't they tell the humans about it though??"

[Since no one had achieved it till now they didn't bother saying much about it]

"Say, would my title say the First until I reach Lv.2??"


"What is the use of the title??"

[Ding… A title has many functions and can vary between each title. Not all titles can be beneficial to the user and the gods have no right to change the title which is chosen by the Host]

"Well, at least I don't have to worry about some shitty title give to me by the gods. Anyhow, show me the changes in the system functions after the upgrade"

[Scan: Can now see more detailed information regarding the subject]

[Quests: The three quest limitations have been removed and Host would also gain rewards for achievements even if it wasn't mentioned in the Quest]

[Shop: Shop is now not limited to this universe and Host can now purchase items from other universes. More items are added to the shop]

[Map: Now has a navigation function which tells Host the best route depending on your requirements]

[Notification: A log function has been added and can be checked any time with the notification function]

[Storage: Easier access to storage and new loot function has been added which directly stores loot from defeated monsters]

After checking the updates he first checked out the Shop function





One Piece

Highschool DxD

Seven Deadly Sins




Looking at the various universes he was extremely happy but that had died down instantly when he opened and saw the prices,



Zanpacto – SP

Zangetsu – SP

Senbonsaku – 900.000.000.000 SP

Ryujin Jakka – SP



The only thing he could afford was the Zanpacto and the various Kido, Bakudo arts, which he didn't need as he already had Elemental magic and Space-Time Magic due to which he was sure that he wouldn't be able to practice them so easily.

Similar to the Bleach universe, the other universe shops also had a huge price on the items in it.

Only the basics were cheap while the rest was extremely overpriced.

"System is there any other way to get SP apart from Quests??"

[Ding… Host can sell his creations on the shop along with other items and can exchange it for SP or various other materials including money]

"Wait then, can I also exchange magic stones for SP??"

[Ding… Yes]

"Good, now I have some hope to buy all those items"

[Ding… For items from other worlds, host can buy the blueprints or manuals and make them yourself instead of buying from the shop]

"But what about the unique materials to make them??"

[Ding… Host can buy that from the system as the price for materials is much cheaper than the final product]

"I see…. Fine I'll save up my SP for now and buy the blueprints later"

After checking the upgrades in the system he then opened the Shop and bought the blueprints for Zanpacto from Bleach and the Red and White dragon sacred gears from DxD, the Divine weapons from Seven Deadly Sins which cost him about 1.500.000.000 SP including the materials.

He also bought the blueprints for Stormbreaker and the IronMan Mark L suit which was the same suit which he wore in the movie Infinity wars. This was the cheapest of them all since he had to only buy the blueprint. For the materials, it was better to use materials from this world than from earth as he can even add a magic resistance function to it. F.R.I.D.A.Y was also upgraded and has information on various magics and theories of both worlds along with a mana based power source.

He wanted to buy the infinity goblet which was surprisingly cheap but was warned by the system that he could use it only when he reached Lv.9 so he decided to not buy it for now.

After buying all the blueprints and the materials he then asked the system about the Divine tree and where it was located and what were its uses.

[Ding… The Divine Tree is located in the host's soul and can only grow with the help of the Host by increasing his level and letting it absorb more world energies to grow. Due to the divine tree the amount of Falna Host can absorb has increased and can help you absorb it without hunting monster, though it would be slow in that manner the speed can be increased by killing monsters or by using magic stones]

"Wait I can absorb the energy from the Magic stones!!"

[Ding… Yes]

This news shocked him as he knew that the energy inside the magic has a violent nature and can corrupt a human and eventually killing him. But the divine tree is capable of absorbing this energy and increasing his own, if anyone else knew about this they would put up a bounty over his head. All in order to get that tree.

"By the way system, why do my stats not increase no matter how much I kill monsters"

[Ding… Host's stats have reached the maximum limit of a Lv.1 and it is impossible to increase it any further]

"Wait! Don't I have the skill No Limit which lets me grow without restraint. How is it possible that I can't reach any further"

[Ding… No Limit can allow you to grow your stats to the maximum level possible but it doesn't help your soul to grow. At present Host can physically match a Lv.9 but in actual combat, you can at the most fight a Lv. 5 or a Lv.6 adventurer]

"Why is that??"

[That is the law placed by the world, Lv.1 – Lv.5 can be considered as mortals who only increase their physical strength. Lv.6 – Lv.9 can be considered as Transcendent who transcend mortals and right now are the closest beings to God. Lv.10 can be considered as the Demi-God stage where one can finally start to develop one's soul and eventually break free from the restraints of the world becoming Gods at Lv.20 or so, depending on the potential of the person. But due to Host already being a Demi-God at Lv.1 due to the Divine tree you only need to reach Lv.10 in order become a God.]

"So basically, the Divine Tree is helping me reduce nearly 10 levels worth requirement to become a God?? And that too, it's the last 10 levels which can only mean that it reduces more than 70% of my work!!"

[Ding… Yes]

"Holy Shit, this Divine Tree is amazing!! I have to seriously remember to thank Freya for giving me that grimoire. I'll make sure that she has the best night of her eternal life tonight"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》