Astral haven
74 Chapter 74: Air dragon Kin
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Astral haven
Author :Lazy_leon
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74 Chapter 74: Air dragon Kin

The swirling azure dragon rushed inside Feng Mei body, combing with his consciousness.

"What is happening?" Feng shouted amazed by the power raging through him.

"Don't think too much, just accept it. This is the power or in simple words the True blood belonging to the Master of the Azure Dragon tribe! This drop of blood is what every Astral cultivator will crave to have."

"Sure, " Feng happily replied, after all who wouldn't want to become powerful.

He closed his eyes and scene of a Azure scaled five-clawed dragon, 10000 meters tall, fighting an army made out of Evil creatures appeared in his mind.

The Fought above a Azure World, in space the battle continued.

Thousands of berserk ghouls, vicious ghost and phantom rushed towards the Azure dragon. There speed so fast that the space ripped apart.

Each casted mystical skill, some summoning up dark ball of deaths, other raining down World Size death Flame balls and Huge Metallic Weapons towards him.

The dragon gazed at the insolent Ants that dared to attack it.

The azure Dragon merely swiped his tail casting A huge world - destroying gale of cosmic wind to appear in the space.

The cosmic wing clashed head on with the thousands of attacks, absorbing all of the attacks and than clashing upon the armies of Evil creature.

Their body touched the Wind and wafted in the Air getting Annihilated with a mere touch!

The Huge dragon ended the fight while merely swiping his tail.

A Load of information about this martial art appeared in Feng Mei mind.

Than the scene ended and a new one appeared. Just like that, multiple other scene of the dragon fighting rushed into Feng Brain.

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] «Dragon Swipes it's tail]

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] «Dragon transformation»

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] « Crackling World»

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] « Shattering Heavens»

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] «Dragon reverse scale»

[Art Of The Wind Dragon] «Cosmic Winds»

The consciousness body Of Feng that stood upon the Meteoroid became a 100-meter-tall dragon.

While In the physical world, Feng body was going noticeable changes. Green scales appeared upon the limbs of his bodies.

They twinkled like azure glow, looking pure, mighty and holy.

A wave of mystical green energy floated around Feng body in the physical world.

The process continued until a Dragon jade mark condensed upon his consciousness and physical body.

Feng finally opened his dragon eyes, his dragon body gazed right at Little treasurer face made out of the lake.

"Congratulations for becoming the Human dragon-kin of the Nine-Season valley young one" Little treasurer declared.

"Nine-Season valley... is that the place where dragons lives?" Feng curiously asked.

"Yes, and you can reach there after you have become powerful enough to step out of this galaxy. The Nine-Season valley is located in the divine domain near the fruity way galaxy." Feng treasurer confirmed Feng words.

'Wow, Galaxies... isn't this talk too out of league!' Feng thought in his mind.

"Well, young one try your hardest to become powerful. In case, you end up disappointing me." little treasure said and the azure lake vanished along with him.

Feng thought about returning back to his sea of consciousness. So his body teleported there.

The system also appeared in front of him.

Feng scratched his head and asked" Hey system, Did little treasure not notice you or he just didn't ask me about you?"

"Host, as long as I don't want other to notice me they won't be able to. Even if they pry open your sea of consciousness." The system in the body of a little child wearing soft desert clothes replied.

Feng nodded, his dragon body was too huge so Feng thought and believed that he only have a human body. His body immediately took the shale of a human.

Then he went out of his sea of consciousness to his physical body.

He could feel that his physical body has mutated, becoming a dragon-kin. The dragon scale could become a nuisance for they were considered mystical treasure by many cultivator.

Thankfully, he have obtained all the information about his new powers. He could detach and attach the scale upon his body by channeling the energy inside of his azure dragon mark condensed upon the front and back of his upper body and it's tail that swirled around his thighs.

Feng channels a little energy on the mark and the dragon scale detached from his body.

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    《Astral haven》