A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
11 Chapter 10: Acquisition System 2 .
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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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11 Chapter 10: Acquisition System 2 .

Hahaha with this I will be an OP in this world!

An incredible emotion invaded me as I imagined the incredible future that awaits me.

I watched the semi-transparent panel with great emotion.

Oh and what about Saori?

I touched the back arrow on the upper-left edge of the panel again, causing the panel to return to the previous one.

I watched the pretty Saori who was still rubbing herself against my body and sometimes even saw her blush and lick me with her little tongue.

Then I touched the arrow and the panel belonging to Saori was deployed.


<Slave Saori ++++: Acquired> [0/100]

<Race: Forest Rabbit>

<Skills: [Semi-transformation ↓]

[Magic strengthening: Basic ↓]

[Magic 'sea flow': Basic (low) ↓]>


[Love: 71%] ↓↑

[Lust: 66%] ↓↑

[Loyalty: 73%] ↓↑


Loyalty 73% Huh ... and lust a 66%?

I looked down and saw Saori who was still licking my chest like a little spoiled kitten while her eyes were foggy and full of desires.

She was definitely horny.

If it is already like this with only a 66% of lust, then what happened if I increase it to 100%?

I saw the two arrows '↓↑' that were next to [Lust: 66%]

That should serve to increase and decrease, right?

Just in case, I will not increase it to 100%.

Press the arrow '↑' and increase the value of Lust to 79%.

I immediately noticed that Saori stopped and stopped licking me.

Did not work?

I stayed for a few seconds watching her face, and I watched as she raised her face and looked at me with an extremely feverish expression as if she were looking at a prey.

…Oh shit.

I hurriedly tried to return of [Lust] values to normal, but I didn't have time since Saori jumped on me and kissed me hurriedly, sticking her tongue inside my mouth and licking the entire inside of my mouth.

Saori went crazy.

Before I could react and try to think about what actions to take, Saori had already climbed between my legs and placed my dick right in the groove of her pussy.


I watched as her pussy dripped slippery juice on the tip of my cock that then went down the stem of my cock. It was as if her female juice began to cover my dick before penetration.

I realized just by seeing her, that once Saori lowered her waist and my cock penetrated her pussy, without a doubt the pleasure we would experience would be incredibly unimaginable.

Saori watched me with eyes completely crazy of lust and immediately she lowered her waist tightly, causing all my dick to enter in one blow inside of her juicy pussy.

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I let out a suppressed groan because of the incredible pleasure I felt, It was impossible to resist the pleasure of feeling like my dick was entering that tight but juicy and slippery hole, while the internal folds of her pussy enveloped my cock and the foreskin of my cock was pulled back.

It was certainly a sensation that made me clench my teeth tightly and retain my ejaculation, since if I ejaculated now, so soon, it would be a shamefulness for me myself.

Saori sat with her soft buttocks on top of my crotch and stood still panting as her body trembled and shuddered with small convulsions.

I could feel a wet stream dirty my crotch and wet my balls.

Did she cum?

Sure, now I realize! Having increased her sexual arousal, her sensitivity is also at its maximum.

A smile formed between my lips, while my rationality recovered and my eyes showed a fierce glow.

Using the elasticity of the bed, I put force on my back to lower and then pushed my waist hard up upwards.


Quickly Saori put her hands on my chest and gasped with delight. While what me, I began to fuck her from below, continuously moving my waist from the bottom up, as if I were giving heavy piston strokes. Every blow that I did with my waist, Saori's hips were shaken while she let out loud erotic moans full of pleasure.

"Ah! Hnnn~ Ah!"

My dick entered deep inside her, opening all her wet, soft tight folds and then I retired causing these her pussy to close, for then re-enter and then retire me again. Repeating these waves of pleasure that came and went continuously and in increasing.

Saorio's pleasurable gasps rang continuously inside the room along with the creaking sounds of the bed being shaken and our waists bumping into each other.

"Hmm~ Ah, ah, ah~♡"

Saori watched me with eyes full of pleasure and passion, while a small trace of saliva came out from the edge of her panting mouth and her hips were moved by my blows from below. Clenching her hands into small fists, Saori seems to have taken some strength to resist the pleasure of my movements and she bending her back to accommodate herself, began to move her hips to match the onslaught of my cock.



As time passed, our movements became more abrupt and fierce, and we were carried away by sexual desire. First, we were fucking in a position of her riding on top of me. Then I went to ride her on top of her, while she lay on my bed and lifted her ass so I could fuck her hard from behind like animals. Then I grabbed her two arms from behind and fiercely moved my waist, causing her ass to be shaken with the onslaught of my cock and waist while she screamed madly in pleasure.

After that, I only remember that we became like two animals mating, letting ourselves be carried away by lust and the desire of mating without control.


The next morning.

The sun began to rise and I woke up with Saori asleep naked as she clung tightly to me.

She had a relaxed face while sleeping. As if the of last night had only been a dream of mine. But her body was still naked, with sweat and traces of my semen coming out of her pussy that confirmed that last night's wild sex was no dream.


I got out of bed with care not to wake Saori and then I stretched out my arms lazily by making my bones thunder. It was a habit brought from my life in my former world of to stretch me the bones every morning at the beginning of the day.

All right! Now I have to see and find some way to start earning money!

But how can I earn money?

What if I use my knowledge of my former world?

The idea of using the knowledge of my former world was a pretty good option, after all, this world although it possesses incredible magic is still found in a feudal society where there are nobles, princes, and kings.

But even so, I still have to search and investigate a little more to confirm.

Maybe I should go out and visit the mall to see how far the technology of this world goes. Although I now have the memories of the 'former Felix', unfortunately, Felix didn't have much knowledge apart from knowing the names of all the brothels in the kingdom. As he was a capricious child who was born with a spoon in his mouth and because of that, he lived the day by day only of his most perverted and impure desires. Without any interest to look away from the brothels.

To ask former Felix about the level of technology in this society would be the same as asking an idiot how to travel into space. All the former Felix knew how to do was fuck the 'beautiful women' of this world and go on a trip to the brothels with his friend to pick up girls.

Friend? Oh, right! The former Felix had a best friend!

*Blow* *Blow*

Suddenly the door was knocked and pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Who is it?"

"Young Felix, the young Javok Fillerend has come to visit him!"

Oh, speaking of the devil.


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