A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
10 Acquisition System.
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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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10 Acquisition System.

After Saori cumming for the first time in the bathroom, she was completely exhausted and sensitive, ending up leaning on me, with her pretty face resting and asleep on my shoulder.

…How cute.

Saori's sleeping face was charming and gave off a pure and beautiful impression as a goddess. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful face I have seen...

Saori has fallen asleep while still connected with me.

I wrapped my arms around his soft, delicate body, hugging her in my arms.

Is a woman's body so soft and delicate? And also, why does it smell so good? Or could it be because it's Saori?

I asked myself since I could feel the smell of the soap that I used for wash her. But apart from that, I could also feel a kind of soft and slightly attractive fragrance that came off of her.

I kept watching the sleeping face of Saori who had weak relaxed breathing, as if she was sleeping peacefully and comfortably.


After finishing the bath, I hugged Saori nude until I came back to my room and laid her on my bed with white sheets and a spongy mattress.

Saori seemed to be comfortable with my bed, as she quickly wrapped herself up and curled up asleep with my pillow.

Something exhausted I lie next to her and closed my eyes.

I was falling asleep when I felt some warm and soft arms it hugged me in front. While a sweet body embraces me and pressed her body against my body. Making me feel her soft stomach, her legs that were wrapped with mine, her delicate arms it hugged me, her breasts pressed against me and her small protruding nipples felt against my skin.


A somewhat panting and hot voice was heard coming from the body that stuck to me, while a hot tongue and full of saliva began to lick my chest.

It was Saori who had woken up, and now she was rubbing her soft naked body against mine, as she licked me with her little tongue on my chest, as if she was showing me her love.

Her breathing was hot and her eyes misty and full of feelings, as if it were a girl in love. She moved her tongue across my chest as if tasting my taste, her tongue moved lasciviously and from time to time she gave soft kisses to my skin.

I moved my right hand and stroked her soft white hair, patting her as a reward while rubbing her pretty bunny ears.

This seemed to cause great emotion within Saori since she let out a little moan as her breathing became hotter and the movement of her tongue licked me increase, traveling great distances. Beginning to lick me from the area of my navel and then climbing to my chest, leaving a trace of her saliva and tasting the taste of my body.

I decided to close my eyes and enjoy the service of her tongue licking me. But then I heard a little sound of a notification.

I opened my eyes and glimpsed something I had not noticed until now.

What is that?

Just above my head was a kind of small semi-transparent panel that looks like a flickering advertisement, as if it was calling me to touch it.

Since when is that there? And how come I did not notice it?

Because the panel was just above my head, I had to turn my neck up a bit to see it more clearly. Maybe because it was on top of my head all this time that I did not notice the strange panel or maybe it just appeared now.

[Acquisition System]

…What the hell?

For a few seconds I was left blank, not knowing or being able to understand what that strange shiny panel was.

But seeing that there did not seem to be any danger, I extended my hand and touched it.

Immediately after I touched it, the panel exploded into a beautiful little explosion of colors that looked like a mini firework inside the room.

Then a few seconds after having exploded and ... of having welcomed me? the particles of different colors that had spread began to quickly gather quickly as if by magic and were reformed in the same semi-transparent panel, but this time bigger and with new data;


<Acquisition System>

<Magic Technique 'Blue Phosphorescent Arrow': Acquired> ↓

<Slave Saori +++: acquired> ↓


Even though Saori was licking my breast and acting like a spoiled kitten, my concentration was completely occupied by the strange semi-transparent panel that floated.

This is...

This could be…!!

Immediately an idea came to me of what this strange panel was!

I extended my hand and tried to touch it again, but my hand ended up going through it as if the strange panel was just an illusion.

I can not touch it? But if only a moment ago I could touch it ...

But then I saw the arrow pointing down and that is found next to the two acquisitions shown.

I touched the arrow '↓' that was next to the magic technique and is reacting by showing a new panel:


<Magic Technique 'Blue Phosphorescent Arrow': Acquired>

<Element: Natural Blue Fire>

<Level: First level (low)>

<Status: Transferable>

<Control: 100% (acquisition)>


Observe the parameters that were shown.

Natural Blue Fire Element ... first level, then, There are higher levels? Transferable status? What does that mean, can I transfer the technique to someone? And the last one is...

Control... 100%!? But if I remember that this magical technique I only practiced it one night!
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Immediately I extended my hand and concentrated and tried to formulate the magic that I had previously practiced.

But then I realized.

It is easy!

The magic that the night before made me sweat with fatigue and even caused that after the practice, I ended up fainting. Now it was as easy as moving a finger. Not only was it easy, it also seemed to completely obey me.

The magic arrow formed easily at my will, then I made the arrow created with the fire magic advanced forward and circled over the air to test, then I tried ordering it to stop and finally I tried to throw it at high speed and stop it suddenly. The magic arrow obeyed and was incredibly easy to control.

Hahaha with this I will be an OP in this world!


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