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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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9 Bathtime 2 *

Saori seemed embarrassed that I was watching her in silence as she began to feel restless and insecure about her appearance, that she began to regret having taken off her towel.

'... The master is angry ... sure, he's angry to see my body ... ' It was what Saori thought, while slightly lowering her head sadly.
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Although Saori was already used to the continuous mistreatment and contempt of people, she could not help but have a different impression of me after I did not show an expression of disgust or contempt to see her.

"Oh ..." I realized that I had stayed like an idiot watching her, so I returned to myself and extended my hand taking a white soap that was on the side of the bathtub.

"Saori, raises your arms"

"Huh?... w-well" Saori lifted her arms up revealing her delicate armpits and her chest completely exposed in front of me.


I soaping my hands with the soap making a lot of foams and then put both hands soaped in the curve of her cute waist.


Saori to feel my hands with soap let out a cute cry that made her feel even more embarrassed

I moved my hands over her tender skin, making slight movements in circles, forming bubbling foams and then began to climb up to her armpits.

Every movement I made with my hand, caused Saori to tremble.

After gently rubbing her armpits and washing them well, I proceeded to wash her shoulders and then lower and take her soft breasts in my soapy hands.


"What's wrong, Saori?"

"N-Nothing master!"

... Well let's see if now...

I gently massage her medium breasts, lathering and squeezing it from the edges and going to the tip reaching her pink nipples.


The shape of the movements of my hands was as if I was milking her slippery breasts because of the soap. Rubbing it hard and then moving to the small pink nipple and pinching it with my fingers in the shape of a pincer.


Saori seemed to want to hold back her gasps, but her breasts, especially her nipples seemed to be very sensitive, because every time I pinched them with my fingers, Saori's body shuddered and trembled.

"How beautiful you are, Saori." I said with a warm smile on my face. But my words seemed to have a strange effect since Saori's face went completely red, while her little pussy with closed lips got wet and she started to wet with her female juices my knees where she was sitting.


Her cute bunny ears seemed to be trembling, while her breasts rose and fell due to her irregular and hot breathing.

"Well Saori, now I need to wash your sensitive part"

"Ah ... ah ... ah" Saori continued to breathe with difficulty, while her celestial eyes and somewhat feverish looked at me with great attention, without taking his eyes off me.

I moved my cock already fully erect and with the big glans protruding near her wet pussy.

"Saori, take"

I handed the soap to Saori and asked her to soap my cock with her own hands.

Saori became completely shy and her eyes became misty. But, even so, she obeyed my order and started rubbing the soap between her hands awkwardly and then...

She grabbed my thick stick with her cold hands full of soap bubbles.

I patted Saori's hair as I praised her for grabbing my cock, causing her fluffy rabbit ears to dance merrily.

"Well Saori, now rub your hand and wash my cock with your hands ..."

Saori nodded and began to move her hands over the shaft of my cock.

Because her hands contained soap, her hands were slippery and there was no friction as she rubbed her hands over my cock, continuously going down and up.

The movements of her hand caused a great pleasure to run down my spine, while my ejaculation threatened to explode. But I gritted my teeth and managed to hold on until finally, Saori managed to cover my cock completely with soap.

Well, it's time!

I place my hands under Saori's armpits and lifted her up.


Saori let out a cute scream while frightened to be lifted like a little girl by me, she wrapped her legs around my waist and clung on with her arms around my neck to keep from falling.

My cock was placed right over the sopping slot of Saori's little pussy.

"Give me a kiss," I said as I pulled my face closer and Saori, because of the little panic that she felt, closed her cute eyes.


My lips joined hers, while at the same time I relax the strength of my arms that held her, causing that due to the weight of Saori's body, my cock that was already placed in the entrance of her pussy was sinking slowly and stealing her virginity.


Saori could feel like something huge began to open her wet vaginal lips and enter her inside. A numbing pain invaded her as a strange heat began to emerge from her clenched pussy that seemed to try to resist the strange intruder.

I felt like my cock was fiercely clenched by this delicious pussy I seemed to want to squeeze my cock completely. This made me feel a gigantic pleasure that caused my legs to tremble while my ejaculation seemed to be being retained at the tip of my glans about to explode.

The blood of Saori's virginity ran through her pussy, then through the shaft of my cock and down my legs causing me an incredible feeling of satisfaction in stealing my Saori's virginity.

With slow and trembling steps, I walked towards the bathtub while carrying Saori, who clung tightly to my body to keep from falling, while my kiss intensified and my tongue opened inside her mouth and licked all inside her.


Saori had small tears at the edges of her eyes due to the unknown feeling that was engulfing her body.

I entered the bathtub with hot water and sat down, sinking the lower half of our body into hot water.

Finally my lips parted from hers, letting her take strong breaths of air.

'I want to fuck her, I want to impregnate Saori and make her have my children inside her!'

An intense desire for possession and lust invaded me.


Saori let out a loud panting as I began to move my waist with sharp and intense movements. Every time my cock entered inside her, her pussy seemed to squeeze my cock as if trying to squeeze all my semen contained in my balls. But when I pulled my cock back, her juicy pussy seemed not wanting to let my cock go, since the folds of her pussy seemed to adhere and wrap my cock in an attempt to hold its march.

My teeth tightened and the slaps of flesh between our waists echoed in the huge bathroom.

Saori's cries of pleasure did not stop at any time.

"Saori, I'm cum! I'm cum inside your womb!"

"Masteeerr~! ♡"

Saori screamed with pleasure and gasped loudly, she called me while her eyes full of lust and hearts watched me continuously as if she were etching my face in her memory for all eternity.

I felt like my ejaculation was about to come out, so I strongly hugged Saori's slim waist as if I wanted her to fuse with my body, while Saori also clung desperately to me with all her strength.

Our bodies were full of sweat, her breasts were crushed against my chest, her nipples pressed against me, her beautiful waist bent making our stomachs touch and...

"Saori, I'm cum!"

"Master ~! Ah! My master, I love you ♡ .... !!! "

The glans of my cock hit against her deepest part and my ejaculation exploded releasing thick semen all over her cervix straight into her inside, completely invading her uterus and fertilizing her ovule.

Saori who was living her most precious moment, realized that she could not go back to live without her Master. At this moment, her master was accepting her in her entire being. Her Master was accepting her ugly body that everyone despises, treated her with love, took care of her and kissed her. At this moment Saori was being taken for all eternity, from now on she would belong only to her Master and dedicate her whole being to serve her beloved Master.

"Masssteeer ♡!!!"

She squeezed her pussy and pulled out her pink tongue just at the moment when it reached an intense climax and felt like the semen of her Master shot inside her and began to fill her small womb completely from the dense juice for babies.

My ejaculation lasted a few seconds until it finally stopped and Saori fell completely exhausted on my chest.

While I wrapped my arms around her delicate body and I embrace her tightly to show her that she already belonged to me. That she is completely mine now and for all eternity.


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