A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
7 Buying a little bunny girl 2 .
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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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7 Buying a little bunny girl 2 .

After leaving the 'happy slave store' with the bunny girl following me in silence.

I went to the carriage where my father was waiting for me while reading a book.

Seeing me back with the bunny girl, my father frowned in disgust at the 'ugly slave girl' that I had bought, but then shook his head and let out a weary sigh.

I had the bunny girl sit next to me while the carriage began to return to the Sylvernez mansion.

During the whole trip back, my father did not look at the slave girl sitting next to me at any time, rather, my father seemed to be treating her as if she did not exist.

Although good, for the moment the situation is better than I thought would happen.

Meanwhile, the rabbit girl stood still and silent all the time while her eyesight was down.

Finally we return back to the mansion.

My father came out first and stretched his muscles causing some of them to thunder. Although my father could look young because of his appearance, according to my new memories inherited from the previous Felix, my father could be considered an 'old man of the fourth age (80 years and older)' if he were in my world.

But, if he is so old, how does he keep such a young appearance?

Well, it seems that my father's mother, my grandmother, she was a pureblood elf and as always it was known, the elves have an amazing ability to always stay young.

I mean, now with this body I also have half of the elf blood, although taking into account the beautiful and elegant appearance of my father and even my own appearance also has a touch of similarity with the image I have of the elves. so yes, you could say that my race is not 100% human, but a human %75 and the rest elven blood.

And if you ask yourself, taking into account the appearance of elven women, how is it that my grandfather could accept her and have a child with her?

It seems that this was done due to a kind of agreement made by my grandfather during a time when the Sylvernez family was going through very hard and difficult times.

Either way, the good thing is that I will live for a long time as a young man.

After my father finished stretching his old bones, he turned to me;

"Felix, remember what you promised me, you should not go out with this 'slave girl' anywhere outside the Sylvernez family, it would even be better if she does not leave your room and the other servants do not see her"

"Yes father". I nodded with respect and said goodbye to my father, returning to my abode that basically consisted of the entire sector of the north side of the main mansion, there is the room where I woke up for the first time.

The sector on the north side of the main mansion consists of my personal room where I sleep, a large dining room, several rooms for servants(that are empty), the large bathroom on the second floor, and finally, a large patio that is isolated from the rest of the mansion by a wall of approximately 5 meters and only has an exit door for carriages and a corridor that connects with my sector north.

It is certainly a great place to be, although what I have is nothing compared to what my father has, that he is the current head of the family.

My father occupies the central section of the main mansion, having several hectares of land as a patio, dozens of rooms with a gigantic dining room that connects with the whole mansions, allowing my father to exit the mansion through the north, south, west or east sector. Then there is the main observation tower that is also located in the central section, and finally, the great main library of the Sylvernez family that is also in the central sector.

And with respect to the other Sectors that occupy several tens of hectares, they are divided between members of the family and their servants.

After returning to my abode, or northern sector of the mansion, I took the liberty of ordering a rather refined butler who saw me arrive, the butler was called Elveen and has been in our Sylvernez family for more than fifty years. I could say that this steward has always been my father's right hand since childhood.

The butler Elveen quickly bowed in greeting, while I simply nodded with a simple greeting;

"Elven, you could prepare the bathroom for me, which I'll bathe later"

"As you order, young Felix!" Elven quickly nodded, but then frowned when he saw to the slave girl who followed behind me.

"Young Felix, she is ..."

Clearly I could see the slight trace of disgust that showed in the eyes of Elvees to see the slave bunny girl, but Elvees is a professional and instantly that trace of disgust was hidden as if it had never existed.

"What happens Elvees? Something happens?" I ask pretending I had not noticed.

"Young Felix ... is that. Your father already knows that you got this semi-human slave girl?"

"Do not worry Elvees, My father was the one who took me to the slave shop to buy her!"

Elvees was surprised, while he seemed to ask himself internally; 'What's wrong with the Master? Why would he let him buy this ugly slave girl for his son?'

Anyway, this was not an issue in which a butler could interfere, so Elvees bowed and went to do the task I entrusted him.

Finally I was able to return to my room and close the door.

'well, now ...'

I moved my eyes to the thin bunny girl who stood, with her body somewhat trembling with fear and with her head bowed, clearly this girl gave off a great air of sadness and pain.

I stepped closer to her, but she stepped back and walked away in fear.

* Tsk *

I clicked my lips and quickly approached and stopped in front of her.


She let out a pretty cry of being scared, while her blue eyes watched me with great fear reflected in them. I'm sure she thinks I'm going to hit her or mistreat her as the others did.

But I will not do that to her.

I extended my hand to the bondage collar on her neck, while what the slave bunny girl closed her eyes tightly as if she was preparing to endure the incoming pain.

Reach the collar, I checked it a little and found the lock...


Unlock the collar and I throw it carelessly to one side, causing the collar to fall against the floor causing a heavy blow to the floor.


The rabbit girl began to open her blue eyes with clear astonishment since she did not feel the blow she had supposed and instead, she felt that the heavy necklace that she was wearing on her neck had been removed. So she no longer felt that cold and heavy iron on her neck and now she felt lighter and freer.

"W-Why?" The bunny girl asked with a hoarse and stuttering voice.

Seeing her, I could not help but admire again how cute she is, maybe that kind of tenderness, weakness, and desire to protect her that she gave off were the reasons why I decided to buy her in the first place.

I remember that without a doubt, in those cages with dozens of slave girls, there were undoubtedly several women who were several times more sensual and with more juicy bodies than this little bunny girl.

The most reasonable thing is that I would have bought a girl with big breasts and butt, but I ended up choosing this slave bunny girl of almost a head smaller than my height, a slightly large ass, and an average breasts. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this girl is her rabbit ears and how helpless that she looks.

I reached out my hand and stroked her white hair, giving it small patting that caused the bunny girl to become nervous and hardened.

"What is your name?". I asked in a soft voice, so she would not be too scared.

"M-my name is Saori"

"Nice, Saori, I suppose you'll be hungry, right? Look there, you can eat it". I pointed with my finger to the shelf near my bed, where was the food that a maid had brought me in the night in an attempt to get close to me. But obviously, I was not interested and apart from that, I was experimenting with the magic of this world, I did not have time to eat my food.

"B-But, I eat y-your food... I can not- I can not do it"

The beautiful Saori became nervous and began to worry because this was the first time she was in a situation of this type and for the treatment that women usually receive with her appearance of 'ugly women', she is not used to this type of treatment and this caused a kind of fear and panic to be generated inside her.


I walked over to my shelf and took the food in my hands, then sat on the edge of my bed and motioned Saori to sit next to me.

But for more complications, she got even more nervous and continuously refuted that someone like her did not deserve to be sitting next to someone like me.

I guess this is the complex that the 'ugly women' have acquired due to the continuous contempt and mistreatment they receive from society in this world.

Somewhat tired, I used my most serious tone to order her as her Master;

"Saori Now I am your master and I order you to sit here!"

Finally I got her to sit down.

Now, I took the spoon and dipped it in the plate with soup and exquisite vegetables, then I offered it to Saori who showed nervousness mixed with a bit of cute panic.

But after a few seconds, finally she opened her tender moist lips and put the spoon in her mouth.

I looked closely at her expression and saw how Saori opened her eyes in amazement at how delicious soup was prepared in a noble family.

It is very probable that Saori has never tasted this type of food, since she surely belongs to a lower class as villagers or grangers of the working class or the fields.
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I have not asked her yet how she became a slave or if she has a family. But taking into account my memories, it is very likely that she was kidnapped and then sold as a slave girl. After all, this is a practice that bandits perform every day in this world.

It is normal for large groups of bandits to assault small villages and kidnap all women and children to sell them while killing all the men who resist or try to fight against them.

I looked back, and watched as Saori put a cute face while savoring the taste of the food and then noticing my look, she became nervous and slight redness of embarrassment appeared on her cheeks.

"It's good?". I asked her with a mocking tone and she felt with her head as if she were a Chick nodding.

I was about to continue my conversation with Saori, but a sudden knock on my door woke us up from the pleasant atmosphere.

"Young Felix, your bath is ready"

A big smile rose on my face when I heard this;

"Well, you can go, Elvees!"

After the sounds of Elvees' footsteps move away and disappeared into the distance, I turned my eyes to Saori as I said;

"Saori, let's go to the bathroom, your new Master will help you take a bath!"


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