A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
6 Buying a little bunny girl.
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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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6 Buying a little bunny girl.

After I decided on the rabbit girl, the stooped old man nodded and pulled out a kind of cold black metal collar.

"What is that for?". It was what I asked him, to which the old man replied that every bought slave of whom there is not enough confidence that he will be obedient, they should be placed this 'collar of slavery' that contains a 'magical obedience formation', that will not allow the slave to be disobedient with the master's orders.

"Can that thing be removed later?"

"Of course young heir Felix! Later when you wish, you can change the 'bondage collar' for an 'imprint stamp' which is more convenient"

I nodded in understanding, according to the memories of the previous Felix, an 'imprint stamp' was basically the same as the slave collar, and it fulfilled the same function of making the slave obey.

But it had the difference that it did not need a material object like a necklace, since the 'imprint stamp' was a kind of tattoo that was placed on the slave.

Unlike the slave collar which is more insecure and easy to remove, the imprint stamp involves a great deal of work to eliminate and must be done by an expert in the field. Otherwise, the probability of failing to erase the print stamp is extremely high and could lead to the death of the slave.

The old man bent over to the cage and opened the gate, causing the rabbit girl to let out a small scared scream and crawl to the side of the cage furthest away from the stooped old man.

I frowned and moved forward, taking the slave collar from the hand of the stooped old man.

"Young heir Felix?"

"Do not worry, how her new master, I will put her the necklace myself". I said as I move towards the scared little girl.

This girl already belongs to me and I did not like to see the old man approaching her, so I'll do the work myself.

"Do not try to fight". I said in a deep voice to the scared and nervous girl that due to the scare could get to try to oppose the slave collar. But it was fortunate that after listening to my warning, she stood still as a stone and offered no resistance.

Another thing I notice is that she has not said a single word.

Will it be that she can not speak?

If it is this world, I would not be surprised if she did not know how to speak.

Although equally if she does not know how to speak, I will take care of teaching her later.

But being close to her, I could see her body more clearly and clearly notice that the number of bruises she had was higher than I calculated when I had seen her from outside the cage. Maybe she cannot speak because of this since it is proven that people who suffered abuse have problems afterward to interact and even have problems speaking due to the traumas suffered.

After placing the slave collar on her, I followed the instructions of the stooped old man and I made a small wound on my thumb and let my blood touch the bondage collar. Causing the slave collar to activate and shining faintly for a few seconds until it went back to its normal state.

With this, she is my slave, and she cannot disobey me.

"Get up". I ordered in a deep voice and she tremulously stood up because her feet seemed to have cramps from sitting on the floor for a long time, but even so, she obeyed and stood with her head facing the floor.

After filling out brief paperwork for the acquisition of a slave I had to fill out, I asked the old man hunched over the other slave girls imprisoned in the cage and their destined.

The stooped old man revealed that due to the horrible appearance of the slave girls, it was certain that no man would buy them and they would not even want them, even if they were given to them free.

But that does not mean that these slave girls would be useless, since there are many families that lack labor and could buy them to all the slave girls in order to work in different areas until die, although the old hunched sigh, because according to him even if him sold all his ugly slave girls to these families, the profits that he would earn would remain minimal and could even be a waste of time and money.

And as if it was not enough, he should still buy food for these useless slave girls once a month while they are in his store.

Once a month they eat ... no wonder they are suffering from malnutrition, it is even amazing how in this world people can endure such a long time without food, probably this is possible thanks to the magic that exists in this world.

Reflections a bit and I said to him;

"I want to buy you all those slave girls you showed me"

The stooped old man opened his eyes in astonishment and thinking that he heard badly, he asked me what I had said, to which I replied;

"I want to buy all your slave girls that are ugly for triple their value ... but, not now, I still need to solve some issues. So I want you to delay sending these girls to forced labor for a month, until I can buy them"

"Are you speak seriously?"

"I speak very seriously, I do not think you can not keep them in your store for another month, right?

What do you think of my proposal? Wait a month and then I will come to buy you all those slave girls who bring you problems to each one for three times their value".

The old man bent over being an experienced merchant kept a calm expression for a few seconds and then a smile formed on his face;

"Hahaha is certainly a very interesting proposal and I would not be a merchant if I rejected it. I accept your proposal. I will leave those slave girls for a month waiting for you to buy them all as you said, but if after a month you still do not buy them, then I would have no choice but to send all those slave girls to forced labor"

"Ok, I think it's fair, although I hope you increase the eat a bit more since I want everyone to be alive until next month"

"Hahaha, do not worry, having an order ready, I will not let these slave girls die because it would be a waste of money for me"

I nodded and finally left the store with the bunny girl following me.

'I guess now I have a month to get my father to allow me to have more slave girls and earn a lot of money'


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