A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
4 Happy Slave Store.
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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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4 Happy Slave Store.

After the carriage pulled by horses like 'unicorns' came out of the residence Sylvernez.

The carriage then entered a large commercial territory of the Northern Capital of the Kingdom.

According to the memories of Felix, this must be the second largest commercial area of the Kingdom. Felix thought as he watched curiously the cement roads, the houses of ancient architecture, the several giant trees that easily reached 15 meters and that grew by some around and then there were the countless food stalls and shops open with dozens of people they were transiting.

Without a doubt, it was a scene he never saw.

But what surprised him most, and although Felix already knew about this thanks to reviewing the memories. He still could not help but open his eyes, amazed to see how some women who, in his opinion, were incredibly beautiful and extremely sensual with their bodies that would make any man in his world drool, but here they were completely ignored, despised or even insulted.

Even Felix managed to see several women of semi-human race as the beloved ' Neko Girls' that was shown in the Anime. But like the others, they were ignored while the women of 'ridiculous beauty' were coveted by the hundreds of eyes of passer-by men as they passed by.

Was this good or bad for Felix?

Hahaha, of course, it's good, it's very good, since this means I have no competition! This world is the best~!

Felix dried the slight drool that overflowed from his mouth as he imagined himself picking up an adorable 'Neko Girl'.

Finally, the carriage came to a large store with a sloping roof and a shiny appearance with a large sign with golden borders that read:

[Happy Slave Store]

*cough* *cough*

When Felix read the name of the store, he coughed sharply as he tried to hide the fact that he almost burst out laughing.

Happy Slave Store! Hahaha, fuck, who the hell thought to put that name? As if being a slave were happy...

After they entered the store, a fatty man hurriedly approached as he sweated on his forehead and gave off a bad smell that made them frown at Felix and also at his father.

The fatty man bowed hurriedly and with respect;

"It is a pleasure to have the presence of Count Sylvernez and young gentleman Felix in our humble store!"

"Stop fooling around and go call the store manager!"

"Yes, Mr. Conde!"

The fat man ran in a hurry inside the store after receiving the order.

Meanwhile, Felix went through the reception with interest observing the place that had several shelves with books, some other ornaments, and of course, there was no lack of promotion for their slaves. It was like the posters that Felix had formerly stuck on his wall about his favorite anime characters when he was still in his previous world.

The difference is that in this slave shop they had posters showing some of their most beautiful slaves doing different poses considered erotic, like to open their legs and put on M position or put both hands on the wall and take out the ass.

Felix would have enjoyed the promotional posters established by the store if it were not because the women who were doing the erotic poses had aspects that caused Felix strong nausea.

It did not take long for an old, hunched man to come over and smile at my father.

"Welcome, Count Sylvernez, I did not expect your early visit as it has not been a week since the auction was finished"

Listening to that, my father simply nodded in greeting.

"If I do not remember correctly, you managed to buy one of our best slaves in the previous auction spending a large amount of money, although I got the news that she was fired ..."

My father looked at me with slight anger at the mention of his spoiled money, to which I could simply lower my head in signal sorry.

"* Sigh * that's right, she was fired for my son Felix"

The stooped old man was slightly surprised to realize that a young man who is about to turn 15, dismissed a slave with such beauty.

Normally, any noble heir would launch himself like a hungry wolf the see the beauty of the slave that Count Sylvernez gave his son and, more than certainly, the noble heir would never let go and would have her with himself to free his sexual desires about her and even to beget his future children.

But as the stooped old man could imagine that the Felix he was seeing was not of this world and he did not possess the same sense of beauty as the other young men of this world.

The old man apologized in the name of his shop for having delivered a slave that did not satisfy the young heir Felix, although the old man obviously did not feel guilty and believed that the problem was the son of the Count. But to save the count's face. He formally apologized to look nice and then to try to earn a little of the Count's favor, offering to give away for free the next slave that the Sylvernez family decides to buy.

Obviously, knowing that he would not have to pay and spend the little money he had left, made my father smile satisfied.

Then my father let the stooped old man know that we had come to buy me a new slave.

"Oh! Nice! Then I as manager will give the slave to choose free, well young heir Felix, could you tell me your taste or how you want your new slave to be? Ah and do not hesitate with your demand, Since our store is known for having the most beautiful slaves in the entire northern market!"

I say the stooped old man with a big flattering smile, but Felix simply shook his head and said:

"I do not want that type of slave, on the contrary, take me to see the ugliest slaves you have for sale"

"Huh?" X2. Both my father and the stooped old man opened their eyes upon hearing my request.


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