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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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2 Felix Sylvernez.

My life had been simple and boring, for next month I would be 17 years old and I would be entering the last year of high school.

I never had many friends and my parents most of the time were not at home since both of them worked until late at night and that's why you could say that I grew up in solitude. since from 12 years old, time where I could take care of myself and realize the majority of the homework, my mother in order to earn and bring more money to the house, began working until late at night like my father, which caused me to stay most of the time alone at home and the years passed.

... But now all that changed.

Observing around me, I saw that this was a great room where there was an elegant table several meters long, on the ceiling hung an elegant chandelier that seemed made of glass.

On the table, there were some small white napkins and several plates with different exquisite foods that after not eating for a whole day caused me to have water in my mouth.

But what caused me great discomfort was ...

Around the large table, several 'ugly maid' with all kinds of flaws elegantly served the food on the table. While at the other end of the table, an elegant man with a long beard was sitting.

How did this happen?

Two days ago, after fainting due to pain.

A few hours later, I woke up with a big headache as if someone had hit me, but that was not all.

What is this?

I could feel several memories that did not belong to me circulating at high speed through my head.

I quickly got out of bed and ran to a mirror that was located on the side of the room.

A young man with long white hair, white skin, reddish middle eyes, thin and without much physicality. That was the appearance that was shown in the reflection of the mirror.

That was my appearance!

"Can not be… "

Murmured completely desolate, while I sat slowly on the floor trying to assimilate everything that happened and the memories that I could see in my head from the 'previous Felix'.

This was not my current world, but it is an unknown fantasy world where the knowledge of beauty in women is completely reversed, what makes that the women who were considered 'divine beauties' in my world, here they were treated as 'ugly' or 'monstrosities'. While women who were 'extremely ugly' in my world, here they are seen as 'goddesses' where any man who manages to get as many of these so-called 'goddesses' is the object of envy of all men.

Realizing this, it reminded me of the ugly maid I saw as soon as I woke up. For me the appearance of that woman was unpleasant and unsightly, causing me a great fright when I saw her deformed teeth, but for the men of this world, that kind of woman is divine beauties.

Just imagining a man fuck that woman, I cause mild nausea.

As for me, somehow my conscience has been transferred to Felix Sylvernez, 14, the heir-son of Count Sylvernez.

Sitting, the elegant, bearded man finished his meal, wiped himself with a handkerchief and then looked up at me.

He is Count Sylvernez, my current father in this world.

"Felix, I heard you've fired your new personal maid, is that true?"

"Y-Yes father." I said with some nervousness and fear that he could see through me and discover that I am not the real Felix.

The count, or rather my father, or the father of this body, observed me with a slight astonishment when he heard my answer.

"In three weeks, you'll be 15 years old and you've been insisting for weeks that I managed to get you that girl as your personal maid. You do not know how much money I have had to spend to fight for that girl, since the second son of the Duke Crozfall had also set his eyes on her"

Under the reprimand of 'my father' I had to act as memory in the memories of the 'previous Felix' and lower my head in apology and put a sad face as if I had already learned the lesson, causing my father to feel that his reprimand had been effective.

Although for inside, I could not help but shake my head at the intention of the previous 'Felix' about wanting to get that girl as his personal maid. Reviewing the memories, it was not difficult to find the intentions of the previous Felix.

The previous Felix had insisted that his father spend tons of money to buy that girl to have her as his personal maid and thus be able-

* cough * * cough *

Remembering the lustful desires that the previous Felix had for that maid, caused me to choke on food.

'Felix Sylvernez, no doubt you had a terrible taste with women'

After the meal was over, I thanked him with a slight bow, as is usual in the Sylvernez family.

"Felix, now that you've fired the maid I gave you, what will you do?"

Before that question, I was somewhat hesitant since I am not the real Felix, and never need a maid to help me with my life. But in this world, it is common sense that all noble when reaching the age of 15 begin to get your 'personal maid', who will take care of and be next to the master forever. If I do not get a personal maid like the other nobles, I could surely raise suspicions.

Although Hmm ~

Imagining the idea of having a beautiful personal maid to help me in the day and in 'the night' caused my 'son down there' to wake up.

Turning, I answered my father who was waiting for my answer.

"Father, I want to buy a new personal maid!"

Listening to me, my father sighed helplessly and then shook his head a little disappointed by my behavior of squandering money.

"Felix, we do not currently have a lot of money, spend a lot on getting that girl you wanted for you, unfortunately now I do not have enough to get you a girl that is equal to the previous quality"

When I heard it, I understood, but I pretended to show a rather sad smile while hiding a somewhat malevolent smile below. If the memories I have of my father were not wrong, then, seeing me sad, I'm sure that ...

My father, seeing me sad, felt a blow to his chest, while the bitterness he had felt began to turn into frustration and anger.

`Damn, I'm the great Count Sylvernes, but I have to stand here without being able to buy or get a damn personal maid for my son! Do not underestimate me!'.

My father quickly got up from the seat with flames in his eyes, causing the seat where he was sitting to fall sharply against the ground.

"Felix, do not worry, tomorrow I'll take you to the slave market to buy your personal maid!"

"Thanks, father!". I appreciated with enthusiasm. But, how could I not be excited? In my previous world having a personal maid that is forced to obey you would be unthinkable, but in this world hehehe, imagining a pretty girl serving me, then giving me a blowjob and finally I ending for fuck her.

I could not help but lick my lips lasciviously.

'I think I will enjoy living in this world'


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