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A world of fantasy and inverse beauty
Author :Wizard007
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1 Prologue.

A voice seemed to call me. That voice was pretty shrill and somehow caused me discomfort, even though it seemed to call me with great respect.

"Young master, wake up"

Slowly I open my tired eyelids and my eyes take a few seconds to focus on the figure that was calling me.

Standing in a maid dress, was a woman in her 30s with her hair tied in two pigtails.

Many will think that the greatest happiness of a man when waking up is to see a beauty, right?

Well, my awakening this morning was the opposite of it.

The woman standing in front of me wearing a maid dress showed me a big smile, it would have been perfect if it were not for the appearance of this unknown woman.

She wore a two-pigtail hairstyle that was pretty ridiculous considering her age, her face contained dozens of acne spots, her eyebrows were somewhat misaligned which did not seem natural, seemed an act done on purpose.

She also had somewhat fat arms and her breasts were quite droopy as if she had never worn a bra in her life to keep them in shape.

What the hell is this situation!?

Where I am!? And who the hell is she!?

I only remembered that only yesterday, after returning home tired from school, I did not have the strength to shower and I just lay down for a while to take a nap.

But now, looking at the unknown pretty ugly woman for my taste and observing the room which was adorned with enough gleaming furniture and a large bed in which I was. I realized that none of this was familiar to me and that I was clearly not in my room.

Somewhat frightened by the situation, notice that the woman seemed to be some kind of maid.

But in what kind of place would you hire a girl with this appearance to be a maid!?

Not that I had depreciation towards ugly people, but one thing is to be ugly but still take care of yourself and try to stay mostly presentable. But this girl in front of me clearly was not that case, even her strange hairstyle and her cut in her eyebrows could be seen to be clearly that were intentionally made, what the hell is going on?

She seem to have noticed my strange look and self twisted somewhat embarrassed with reddened cheeks and then she smiled at me showing me a smile that would probably traumatize me.

Her teeth shown were something that never seen or believed that you can get to such extreme in the deformation of the teeth, her teeth were mostly yellow and deformed with the front teeth crooked outward and others inward, and even there were some that grew on top of the other.

Involuntarily I backed away due to the shock I felt.

What, what, what the hell!?

So while my mind was spinning at full speed to find an answer to the current situation and my heart was beating fast due to fear of the unknown, a sudden pain hit me inside my head.


The pain was so sudden and strong that it made me let out a loud scream of pain, and then I fell on the bed as my vision was darkening and the cries for help caused by the maid vanished.


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